Anyone Here From The Old MAC Forums?


Hey guys,

I’ve been a big fan of the MAC for a long time, and I was heavily involved on his old forums that he shut down. I loved that place! This is a shout-out to see if any of the new guys were on those old forums as well.

I hope this place takes off.



I am!

Thanks for all those years of support.


Yes, I was a member of the old MAC forum. I’ve enjoyed MAC’s videos since about 2011, when I first found his channel while researching the differences between the SCAR and the ACR. (I ended up buying both.)

I blame him for all of the money I have spent on guns, after watching his reviews, since then. :wink:


I’m also an alumus of the old MAC forum. Went by a different name, though.

MAC helped me buy my first “real” rifle.


What was your first rifle?


@MAC Arsenal SGL-20. Bought it (hardly) used when I couldn’t get the -21’s any more. You’re the guy who really turned me on to AK’s.


Oh man, I wish I had another SGL-20. :slight_smile:


Yep. Another old hand here.

I miss that community a whole lot. We were a very close knit bunch. It seems that a lot of folks from back then haven’t joined Full30 yet. Unastamus, Yoni, GrennyAK, Tommys229, ChaoticGood, where are you guys?? I miss my MAC forum buddies…


Yep! Been around for years now.


Just signed up for the new forum. I’m wondering myself how many of the old Bangswitch members will show up.


TBS was indeed nice as well, not as great as the MAC board though. I really really miss that community. I liked the way it looked, I liked many people on it. We were a very close bunch, like family. I miss those days.


@Minuteman, maybe we need an “Old Timers” badge here.


Don’t mess with Old Farts, son.:wink:

Brain fart…

Roger that! An Old Timers button indeed!


Someone get BjornTheBrave on here!


And who is the guy that was so in love with Froglube that he practically ate the stuff?


@Jestik I think you meant “literally ate the stuff.”

If I remember correctly, his sig was, “I ate the Frog Lube.”


He’s still around. I see him comment on Full 30 and YouTube videos sometimes.