Anyone here play Destiny 2


After wasting way too much of my life on D1 and then quitting it like it was hard drugs, I came crawling back after more than a year clean. Apparently I’m a glutton for experiencing how much Bungie loves to make their players miserable.

Anyone else play? I’m on XBL if anyone wants to join up. Currently on a business trip so I’ve got plenty of time in the afternoon.


Played D1 till Bungie ruined it!

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Me too, then they fixed it. Then they took all the progress they made in D1 and dumped it with a brand new D2 that was yet again ruined. Now it’s pretty decent.

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I have a Destiny 2 sewing machine, does that count?


Do you end up staying up 3 hours later than you meant to go to bed, all to end the night empty handed?


Sometimes I stay up all night to finish something. Most times I have something to show for it, though. And not just a backache, lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


Don’t play D2 but I do play lots of stuff on XBOX One and PS4. Right now I’m addicted to Fallout 76 on PS4 until Borderlands 3 comes out in September.

I think I have a thread going with peoples XBL and PSN names to add as friends. I’ll try and dig it up.

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I haven’t played video games since Doom, Half life and unreal.:rofl: I have them here somewhere.

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Other than the original modern warfare gaming has really been downhill since half life.


“The Metro 2033” series is pretty good ,so is “The Last of Us”. “Days Gone” is the next one I want to get. The only online games I play are:

Modern Warfare remastered
Ghost Recon:Wildlands
Borderlands (soon ,need time lol)
Rainbow Six: Siege

The good stuff just isnt the super popular stuff anymore. The new COD Modern Warfare comes out in November, I am buying that too. I miss S.T.A.L.K.E.R , Half Life , “The Thing”(ps2) etc but the Last of Us and Metro are definitly up there for me.