Anyone know if his urban carry holster is viable?


I’ve seen this holster video a bunch of times and was wondering if any of you know anyone that has or if you yourself have one.


I dont have one, but this youtuber was honest from his perspective,
I do agree with him that the holster was a intresting concept but i wasnt sure how well it would work,

I am using T,rex arms Sidecar and it works great in my opinion, pretty lowkey and s confortable for apendix carry,

Just train in what ou wanna use, it may feel uncomfortable but look at everyone that thought the iphone plus size was to big… now more people buy it then the regular version.


That thing is a WHOLE LOT OF FAIL!!! Overly complicated draw, no one hand re-holster, useless in a seated position.


I notice the link i shared was a wrong video, i updated and it should be fixed


That’s about the same consensus the majority have shown.


When people talk about stuff like this the it all boils down to two things. Practice and your nerves in a bad situation. there is no perfect holster because you need to wear it and then practice pulling the gun out. Watch TV or listen to music while getting used to it. Shooting accurately is a different story. Anyone can hit targets because targets don’t shoot back. You can simulate the shakiness of fear and adrenaline by drinking a lot of coffee in the morning and then going to the range without breakfast. It will simulate the shakiness and weakness of an adrenaline rush but won;t simulate the fear. Fear of death is something that you will never be able to simulate ever. But never forget that the one that has a gun in a situation is feeling the same fear and maybe more so because they may face death or a lengthy prison sentence.

It never is about the holster or the gun. Open carry will make you a target for really bad people wanting to do harm if need be. You will be the first. To me it is all about tactics and knowing what to do in a bad situation. Think of it like this. You are standing in line at a bank and are carrying concealed and someone comes in and tells everyone to get on the floor and then brandish a firearm. Get on the floor and bide your time. You won’t pull fast but you need to fire accurately so better to concentrate on that. You really don’t want Velcro ripping or any sound really. Not even a snap. My concealed holster is leather and inside the belt and had a snap. I did modify it and put a hammer thong in just in case. But one question pertaining to tactic is what would you do? What kind of cover is there? How much noise will it be to pull my weapon and a thousand other things in less than a second or die.

As an ex cop this is what I look for always. Cover in a place in case. A quiet holster because you want to be as inconspicuous if you have to pull it as you are while carrying it. Open carry is good but you may be the first target if the business is held up so never be a target, get a CCW. Always pay attention to people and how they act. Some people may snap and want to kill someone just for the sake of killing someone or because of having a bad day or jsut because they have no respect for human life. Unfortunately some people just want to kill a cop now so never let it be known until you have to. If any of all that makes sense.

But chances are you will never “quick draw” a weapon if needed because you will already be under gun point by a criminal. All you can do is either scare them or be prepared to shoot them if you do have to pull your weapon. It will never be an easy decision but I ain’t you in the situation and you won’t be me in the situation. So a store, bank or shop loses a little money big deal if the arrned criminal doesn’t want to be a murderer. It takes brains more than anything. Insurance replaces that but no insurance company can bring a person back to life.

All of this is something to think about before carrying a weapon. It is your second amendment right but with that right there comes really heavy responsibility. What if you have a CCW but miss the criminal and hit an innocent civilian? You would become liable for that. I am not discouraging anyone if someone took this post wrong but if you want to carry then train constantly. Train in the rain, heat. snow and cold. Train in your home with a cleared firearm and figure out what you would do if so and so was in the guest room, where the projectile may go if you miss or it goes all the way through, train on good days and bad days. Then train some more. It feels bad shooting a criminal but shooting an innocent would feel way worst. That is something to think about.