Anyone know if there is a way to redo the configuration of the interior of a gun safe to hold more?


Anybody know if there is a after market kit to increase the holding capacity of a gun safe.


You can use those rifle rod things that stick down the bore and have Velcro dot at the top to stick tot he bottom of the shelf above it.


I made new shelves and was able to fit 32 guns in my safe. It is a 24 gun safe but would only hold 14 without stacking them on top of eachother.


+1 on Mongo’s comment.


I did it for about $10 and a couple of hours .


So is this primarily a handgun or a long gun safe the numbers of each class please?


Right now 9 handguns and 17 long guns . But I have 16 more at another location that I have not moved home yet.


Most safe interiors are thin plywood with thin carpet like what is used for car dash covers stapled or glued over them. Take out the top shelves and center divider if yours has them and you will likely see an open U shape that allows long guns on three sides. You can use parts for templates, design and cut your interior shapes any way you want them, then cover them with the material of your choosing.
Or, there are heavy wire rack systems that can be fitted inside or even turntable systems.


That is what I ended up doing. We should file a class action for false
advertising as to what they say it will hold.


Yep, I suspect this is the same way it was always done before MSR became popular and reflects only slender hunting rifles or shotguns. Certainly not the optics on risers, magazine wells, pistol grips or stocks of today.


Are you willing to give the interior dimensions without the dividers? My thinking is IF you have enough front to back room you could mount some shelving that will hold the handguns vertical side by side and could be positioned so they don’t interfere with the door closing on the long guns.


My safe has door holsters for the handguns. I remade the shelves already so it will hold around 32 long guns now.


i use rifle rod can move guns where you want them,no wasted space.look up rifle rod holders for guns.


Just buy another safe, you know youre going to buy more guns. Youll fill it…
Gun safes are like fish tanks. You buy a tiny 5 gallon tank & swear you’ll be happy with 2 fish. Next thing ya know, you got 10 fish, water is cloudy as shit, then you realize you should have bought a bigger one!


concur - buy a second larger safe, reno the smaller one for handguns and larger for rifles (or vice versa depending on what you have).


The same company that has the rods* also has handgun hooks that hang from the self above. Both for the front and rear. I got huge space for more handguns using them. Under the hanging handguns I have space for more things.

*Gun Storage Solutions

For my long guns I made “socks” for them out of Fleece. I stack them like sardines and the socks don’t allow safe damage. But I’ve run out of room and now I only bring in long guns that fold or SBRs. I need to figure out a way to hang long guns from the shelf above, but haven’t been successful yet.


Seems like no matter what safe I buy, it’s never big enough for very long. I believe I have a 86 gun safe, or so it claims. It holds ammo now. I just built a whole room.


Quote You can use those rifle rod things that stick down the bore and have Velcro dot at the top to stick tot he bottom of the shelf above it.quote

I have some of these, they help some.
I was able to get three more long guns in using them


i use range rods,i get lots more guns in safe,bad thing the gun i want sometimes is in back.still like them.with scopes you get more in