Anyone know of


Someone making a 5/8×24 A1 flash suppressor? Roush sports has one on their page, but I think it’s discontinued. It’s been oos for a year.



Try this Brother.

Unless you want a 3 prong.


Thank you! I have a XM style now. It looks like an uncircumcised penis with the barrel I have now on my 7,62 build.


Yeah, I need one too. One that they’ll ship to CA. I even tried a local gun store and they don’t sell them.


Of all the places I searched, everyone was Los. Then I looked at model1sales. They actually had one. Whodathunk? Got it today. I’ll update pix another at a later date. Thx folks!


Try Palmetto State Armory. They might have one. Haven’t been on their site in a while.


Received and installed. Looks much more-better now.


@montzster Is that from CNC warrior?


No they were oos on long and standard. I found a standard length at model1 of all places! I had never thought to look there as I figured they only had typical stuff…