Anyone paying attention? NFA wait times


So as the news becomes even more crazy… this has been coming up on social media and talked about in private between companies and people who are in the “know”

I asked about this and had several different people contact me privately to say that it is true but to keep it quiet for now. At least about where the information is coming from. Mainly because they fear as a company of backdoor reprisals that could effect them greatly.
I know the names, i do not need those brought into the discussion at all. But anyone else hearing about this?



Just got off the phone with an ATF agent.
At this very point, form 4s are an extra month to 2 months out. This may change with the impending shutdown…
What has anyone else heard?

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I think they’re following YouTube’s lead and hiring a bunch of new people from the Southern Poverty Law Center to help out. :flushed:



I heard the same thing and Hansohn said the guy who spread the word was in the know. So…waiting is longer. But at least we are not waiting to wait like hpa’ers​:joy::joy:



i have a friend that got back his form 1, sent it in old school, got it back in about 3 months. weird right?



I really hope this is not so. Was wanting to get a BCM CQB12 and now I may delay that purchase. That is a lot of coin to drop for an item you wont see for 18 months.



i was looking at buying another rifle can this year. I guess that out the window :disappointed_relieved:



Talked to the ATF… according to them, it is only an extra month at this point…

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So this year is not all lost :rofl::rofl:



Extra month at this point being an extra month from 4, 8, 12 months?
I have a hard time following the wait time as it seems to vary in time significantly.

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It does vary… we usually see 6 to 7 months on an individual, 7 to 8 on a trust.

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I think I am going to work on getting a trust. It seems like a sound way to go, especially keeping any firearms protected. Thanks for the timeline.

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I just received 3 suppressors from my wholesaler… yipppee!!!



Ahhh buy and wait. Will arrive sooner then waiting to wait to buy! I just keep a handful or two of stamps waiting to be approved so sooner or later it will start raining stamps lol im about to add 2 more to the wait :laughing:



Im working on getting another specwar 556 the old cans. I have attachment to them vs the new asr.

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You want a newer better sounding specwar check out rms2

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The first thing is whether it can use the mounts for the ASR that I already have. The second part is does it offer performance that is comparable to the IE durability longevity and not having a loud as he’ll Port pop?

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Can use any system you want on it. I have an asr on the one o have now. The original owner of swr , joe, and kyle from kgmade started rms. They have tortured their cans. I would say definitely go give him a look



So it is looking like dealers are about 10 days out now… not bad. Not the 24 hours as before… but still

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Last two I had come back in 7 months, but that was several months before the shutdown. I have two pretty far in the pipe right now that had both checks cashed end of June, beginning of July. 7 months puts that in the late Jan or Feb for return (not that 7’s a hard and fast number or anything), but enter the shutdown and I’m still waiting. I’m not too worked up about it though, because there’s light at the end of the tunnel: my FFL says he’s now steadily getting stamps back from Individual Form 4’s that were sent in last May. So… I’m thinking I’ve got another month or two to go. Time will tell.

With all due respect, I don’t really by into the hype about 18 month wait times. Sure, it could happen. But this sounds a little too much like fear mongering, especially when no source or links are provided as to where the info originated. Again, no offense to anyone since this is all just subjective opinions being bandied about.

I’m actually contemplating my next NFA purchases right now. I see no reason to ever wait. I mean, waiting until the wait time is “good”, well that’s just a little silly is it not? :thinking: