Anyone still shopping at Dicks or Wal Mart for guns or ammo?


I have started buying all my guns and ammo on line at Kentucky gun company or midway and the locale small shop.


Yes, Dicks are out. wally is in. still the lowest price in town. Especially here in Cali.


I can’t buy anything there so yes they’re out.


I’ve never thought to buy a gun there. But I buy basic ammo there often.


Dick’s is now permanently banned in my family. I’ll still shop at wally world as long as they don’t go all anti-gun activist.

On another note I just tried to type anti-gun activist and my iPhone kept autocorrecting gun to fun. Ugh.


And don’t forget; Field & Stream stores (like a Cabela’s) and Dick’s are the same company with the same policies. Sad, because I used to shop at both. Not any more.


Have boycotted a lot of stores lately. Add dicks to the list.dont support any business that’s is anti 2nd.


Sounds like we need to boycott all George Cloony , Amy Shumer , Taylor Swift and any one else who spoke or supported the marches this weekend. Won’t do me any good because I don’t support them anyway.


I buy ammo at Walmart all the time. Have never bought anything from Dicks


Just bought this at my local Wally World without any asking for ID or limits. Even used my card instead of cash.

2 quantity 50rd .22 WMR
1 quantity 100rd 9mm
2 quantity 20rd .223
2 quantity 20rd 5.56

So it’s still possible to shop at Wally World for ammo and without having to show ID. So I’m good with them until otherwise.


Local Walmart here recently stopped locking up the ammo and started selling guns. No evil black rifles, of course, but hell, its a step in the right direction.


I reload all my ammo for the exception of 7.62x39… I usually buy tat at wal Mart.


I found that Wal-mart in my community has been a poor consistent supply of ammo for me. We have local farm store that prices the same but constant stock. I actually buy bulk of my ammo from SG Ammo on line. Never bought a gun at Wal mart so can’t comment. We have a Dicks in neighboring community but didn’t shop there before its policy change. Visit at store confirmed its gun department didn’t fit my needs and wife loves Kohl’s.


I never spent money at Dick’s, I have bought a lot of ammo and reloading supplies at Walmart…probably still will unless they really get stupid…Cabela’s is still selling AR’s, AK’s and such…


Haven’t been in Dick’s in years, but Walmart I go to all the time. I just bought CCI ammo for my wifes .22.


I am trying not to for either, Dicks is 100% out in my book. If wally world backs down I may once in a while. I have tried to reduce shopping at both stores to a minimum. Amazon has become more in my life, and I shop at Kroger for food. Kroger even made a stupid point, but I have to eat. I really like their food.


Hell no to Dick’s, Shotshells only at walmart


I used to buy ammo from Wal-Mart all the time, and I bought a Savage 93 in .17HMR from them not too long ago. Not anymore, though. As a 20 year-old, their new policy is a slap in my face and a clear message that they no longer appreciate my business – now, I don’t shop there at all. The local Dick’s sucks, so I haven’t been in there in years. Academy Sports has always been cheaper and better stocked than either of the above anyways.


Have purchased two firearms from KGC. Hard to beat their prices, and always shipped to FFL in a timely manner. Have bought some ammo. from Wally World not long ago, just wanted to do a shooting comparison on the 5.56 to the .223, mainly just plinking stuff. Do most of my own reloading so I don’t buy from the retail stores much.


I stopped shopping at Dick head’s sporting goods. I called a customer complaint line and cussed em out real good too. Told em if they weren’t going to sell assault rifles, then fuck em.