Anyone still shopping at Dicks or Wal Mart for guns or ammo?


You mean semi-automatic rifles and not assault rifles.


I’m not going to play semantics. I know the difference between semi and full auto, but I refuse to tame down terminology in an attempt to not offend the liberal pussies in this country. “Assault Weapon” isn’t a dirty word. It’s my 2nd Amendment right to own an “Assault Weapon of War” if I choose to. And yes my 40 round detachable mag, mil-spec, semi-automatic rifle could be considered an “Assault Weapon,” and I’m perfectly fine with that.


I hope you’re addressing your anger towards those anti-gun people and not me because I’m on your side brother. Guess I should of added a smiley face. :slight_smile:


I still do some shopping at Wal Mart . Dicks is a no go .And Wal Mart will see less when the garden sts


Last year just because I had some extra cash and I though it would be a good idea just to have around, I bought a couple hundred rds. each of 124 gr. 9mm HST some 230 gr. 45 ACP in HST and some 9 x 18 steel case FMJ by LVE other than a couple bricks of of 22 rf ammo and some steel case 7.62 x 39 & 54r I have in the rainy day stash I pick up a few years ago. I’ve pretty much supplied all my ammo needs over the last 35+ years with my reloading equipment.


Its all good my friend. I’m not angry at you. I was just trying to convey the simple point that its my Constitutional right to own an “Assault Weapon of War.”


I still go to walmart - it’s true, their prices are good and the one by me still carries 7.62x39


I dig it. I’m with you.

Going slightly off topic for a moment. The anti-gunners will never understand or want to tackle the elephant in the room which is the people are the problem and not the tools. Even if we had unrestricted access to machine guns again most shootings will still be perpetrated by people with handguns, shotguns, bombs, vehicles, or other intruments than the machine guns or semi-auto “evil black rifles”.

Funny thing I tell people, literally every weapon you can wield has been a “weapon of war” at some point in its existence so these anti-gunners tossing that term around are ignorant. More people in history have probably have been killed with a bolt action rifle over semi or full autos, yet, these people only care about the “scary” evil black rifle stuff because it serves their fear mongering narrative. When speaking about “scary guns” in reality shotguns are way more dangerous than an AR or AK in these scenarios–especially indoors and in close quarters. But I digress since I’m off topic.


Correct,a determined individual with a spork😱



What is not so funny is how they go after the people, as they are now doing more and more. But wait, let me explain:

The way the anti-gunners go after the people is give the government (often the local police or sheriff’s department), the ability to take away a person’s guns whenever they merely suspect that someone might be (or become) dangerous. These poor gun owners can lose their guns without even committing a crime. And it can be their neighbors, their families, or other ‘concerned’ (think any anti-gunner!), persons that can file the complaint that causes the gun owner to lose their guns. How’s that for scary!!!

And, the poor gun owner does not have to be classified or determined to be mentally ill, either.


I usually either stock up on ammo when my distributors have a nice sale or just wait for deals from or Academy Sports and Outdoors.


We by virtually all our ammo at our local gunshow. We buy at least a thousand rounds per caliber at each purchase about 3 to 4 time a year. We’re gonna start doing that even more as we approach July, 2019. After that point all Ca purchases need a background check to buy ammo. There is pending litigation to stop this requirement but I never get my hopes up. So we have a bit on hand. Personally have never bought ammo from Walmart except some .22lr and have never nor will ever buy from Dick’s


my local WM has CCI mini mags for $7.47 per 100 and Tula 762x39 $9.94 per 40…yes I buy at WM…No more Dick’s for anything…



pardon my ignorance, but what is wrong with Walmart? Why is there a debate about shopping for guns and supplies there?

I bought a shotgun from them awhile back (within the last year). It was tedious, but worked out fine and I got a really good deal on it. I buy ammo from them all the time, again, no issues. So, what gives?


Most of them stopped selling ar15s a few years back and the idiots still sell Ruger minis lol


Hell no, I’m under 21 and even if I could I wouldn’t.


In my area WM has the best prices on about any ammo or gun that they carry…the local private gun shops are usually $50-$150 more than WM…You can also order guns from WM, they keep a gun book under the counter to place special orders…and yes I feel WM has given in on many gun issues and like someone else said they still sale Mini14’s, but not AR’s, makes no sense…the Black Super Dangerous Powerful Rifles are politically marked as a no no…AR’s can be ordered too easily online and shipped to a local FFL…


Absofuckinglutly not!!! I’d ccw a fuc@ing slingshot before I spend a dime at DICKheads!!!




Yeah, kind of stupid selling one and not the other, but much better than neither.


My local Walmart just started selling guns a couple years ago. I was actually surprised. For about a decade, it was ammo only. It’s still just shotguns and bolt guns but, if you look at the typical Walmart shopper, that’s spot on.