Anyone still shopping at Dicks or Wal Mart for guns or ammo?



Good points. Maybe the AR15 shoppers weren’t buying (enough of) them from Walmart, either?

Let’s all remember that Walmart is a general merchandise store. So, they carry a lot of different things, though sometimes, like guns and ammo, they can only carry a few different items per category. Although, I don’t know why they stopped selling AR’s (often called “America’s rifle” though I know that is not what the AR stands for in reality). (I am pretty sure the AR stands for Armalite Rifle.)

I think if we look at Dick’s and compare them to Walmart, they look very different in terms of their obvious attitude towards guns (after their move to stop selling AR’s). That is why I think it is fine to continue buying gun stuff at Walmart, but not at Dick’s.


Dick’s? No, never again after what they pulled. Though that’s of limited use since there isn’t a Dick’s anywhere near me.

Walmart is a bit more complicated. I’m not a huge fan of some of the things that Walmart has done over the years in regards to guns but they are by far the cheapest place to get ammo in my area. Walmart also had some pretty good prices on the guns they do carry. They’re not always the cheapest on guns but they never have outrageous prices either. All in all I’ll shop Walmart if they have what I want for the best price, otherwise I’ll go elsewhere.


Sounds like Dicks is feeling the pain.


I use a local FFL mostly. Works from his home. I get most of my ammo through, or load it myself!


I passed this place on my way to Charleston, SC yesterday. I would rather spend my money there than at Dick’s.


Their guns might be black market stuff so be careful.


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If you were alive back in the 70’s (like I was), then you would be an old fart today.

Enjoy your youth while you still have it.


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