Anyone who seriously uses the term "Weapons of War" demonstrates extreme ignorance


The media and anti-gun politicians are throwing around the term, “weapons of war” a lot these days. This terminology is often used to describe AR-15s and similar looking rifles. There’s a problem with this, mainly, “weapons of war” is a completely worthless term. It simply cannot be used as an accurate descriptor since it could be applied to just about any firearm.

Anyone who uses the term “Weapons of War” shows they know virtually nothing about modern firearms, firearms history, American history, and about the 2nd Amendment as a whole.

I’d recommend keeping that article on hand for any time you stumble across someone so unfamiliar with firearms, history, and the 2nd Amendment to the point where they use the term “weapons of war”


Weapons of war… so is the article about Propaganda?


That term could be applied to anything that can be used in a wartime situation
A shovel or a axe
The left is always dealing broad generalities
It’s the only way sheep understand there doctrine

People fear what they don’t understand
People are happy to be lead
Because it’s easier than gaining knowledge


Unfortunate truth…


People want to give up all responsibility because responsibility means they can’t blame others for their failures.

They want the magic want of “government” to fix all problems, which is impossible.


On the other hand,
Ignorant and easily led sheep are not much competition when things get tough.


you want a simple description of a weapon of war.
the folding camp shovel - ie entrenching tool.
In the late seventies we were taught on it uses other than digging cat holes, shell scrapes or fighting holes, but on how to use it as a defensive WEAPON.
Pretty sure the modern USMC is taught the same thing still.


A well spent .09 cents then


“Weapons of War”

Starvation? Fire? Supply lines? Ships? Blockades? Artillery? Bombers? Aircraft Carriers?

Shoulder fired firearms have NEVER been the primary weapon of war. It went from spears to swords right to cannon; and firearms just keep the enemy’s heads down and are needed to occupy territory once it is taken.


I nail liberals on Twitter for this all the time. A rock is a weapon of war if I am using it to beat someones head in during a battle!


Many people’s only exposure to firearms is through Hollywood and video games. So they see firearms as magic wands that slaughter everything.

War = guns to these people.