Apparently even weed businesses struggle to comply with CA laws.


Just imagine how much money the state could have if they wanted gun shops everywhere. And if they stopped getting into their own way of making money by trying to steal too much from small business owners.

Well, they wanted to make money on selling drugs. But they wanted too much, and as usual messed that up as well.


Struggling to abide by laws isn’t just a California thing.

The amount of laws businesses have to abide by is insane. Online businesses now can potentially have to charge and pay taxes for states they aren’t even located in, because we all know that California needs my money as a Texan.

I’ve considered shutting down my business simply due to the time and effort it takes to keep up with and abide by the laws.

I’m still petrified that I didn’t know about the PT-539 form or some crap and haven’t been filing the correct paperwork and then get jailed because I didn’t dot my "i"s and cross my "t"s.

Land of opportunity?

More like, “land of hopefully you don’t get caught violating a super obscure law because it is literally impossible to abide by all of them.”


More government - more problems.
Less government - more freedom.


uh oh, you sound like your headed to Anarchapulco


So you regulate the crap out of the law abiding but the lawbreakers go right on ahead doing what they do. And it isn’t working? :thinking: I wonder if maybe instead of more laws and regulations for the law abiding, you actually enforce the laws you already have? Think that would work?


If at any point in your life you go shopping for dope you are lost and useless…


No, we need to forget those and make new ones, then, repeat, :woozy_face:


Called dope for a reason…




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Screw the government- grow your own if so disposed.
My friend in a legal state has a nice side job now. Quite profitable I understand.
As an F/F EMT weed was the least of or problems.
I do not because_
CWP/ CDL bye bye too.

BTW do not lie on your 4440’s Re; ilicit drug use.
Only demonrats can lie to the FED