Appendix carry versus traditional carry positions?


Appendix carry is not my normal position for concealed carry, I’m not sure if I like it? what position do you like to carry your concealed firearm?


I prefer the 3 o’clock position myself. Especially when sitting. And I find the draw easier.


3-4 o’clock depending on gun and dress. Works year round.


@mquinn55, yep me too that’s my preferred carry position :clock3: and it’s kind of unnerving having the barrel of your weapon that close to your family jewels!


depends on what I am wearing and what I want to carry.

sometimes appendix carry, sometimes pocket carry, sometimes ankle carry, sometimes others…


Does anybody carry multiple handguns on them, I’ve been known to carry two at a time.


Hmmm? Ankle carry? Not sure what that would look like for me. I’m in shorts and sandals 90% of the time.



multiple handguns is my preferred carry approach.


Not on me. I always have a backup in the truck when I’m on the road. Plus, my wife carries as well.



yeah, I wear shorts a lot, too. so ankle carry for those times I am not in shorts.

I carry a backup in my suv sometimes, too.


@mquinn55, no such thing as being over prepared when it comes to self-defense :+1: I wish I could convince my wife to carry more often.


I see absofuckinglutly no reason, under any circumstances, to carry a weapon aiming directly at my Frank’s & beans!!! 3-4oclock on the belt or my shoulder rig, maybe ankle, never ever at my junk!!!


I wear appendix especially when out on the bike.


3 o- clock. I carried appendix for 6 months and hated every minute of it.