April 14th State Capital 2A Rally Thread


Anyone here going to their state capital for the 2A rally on the 14th? Sound off your state and maybe you’ll see someone from here at the rally!


Wa. At the risk of semi docsing myself.And it would sure be nice if in the interest of preserving
Our second amendment GOA,NRAand all other groups clubs and enthusiasts could come together.200000were at the antigun rallie.wouldnt it be nice to outdo them by millions!


I will be at the event in Madison Wisconsin.




Thank you for posting this! I was just actively searching for the national flyer.


My pleasure. I just happened to have it on my computer.


I’ve had my head buried so far in this computer trying to organize Maine rally that I believe I’ll be poopin pixels before long. Cant wait to hit the range.


I know the feeling. I’m on just about every social platform. I think my eyes are pixels.


Bumping this to the top because it’s important and relevant.

I’m going to continue to do that if it starts to get lost again in the sea of news/politics threads.


Bump to the top. It’s this Saturday folks.


If you’re unable to make it to your state capital, try to organize something in your local town. It’s important that we make our voice known. Get a ride with a friend, what ever it takes. We have several cars full here and will be at the capital. I’ll be live streaming from time to time. Follow us on Parascope, https://www.pscp.tv/Tactical_review/1yoJMkpRYYoKQ





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Up up and away and back to the top


Five hours there 5hours back! And a mountain pass!


Bump to the top. Less than 3 days left folks!


4 count them 4 people interested in this post?pothetic!
If I show up at my state capitol and it’s just me and Yankee marshal
I’m going to be pissed!:scream:


Really glad this is getting bumped. This is important and could determine the state of our 2A rights in the future.


I’d be even more disappointed if I wasn’t aware that even in 1776participation was a meager3%