AR-15 Build


Hi guys! I’m looking into my next AR build. Just wanted some suggestions on the parts I’m thinking about using. This rifle is going to be for general use, but I want it to be reliable as h*ck.
I’m not too picky about accuracy (Say, < 1 MOA), but the ease of use and reliability need to be top priority. Thanks!

Lower Receiver: Anderson Lower (This is the only part I have purchased)
Lower Build Kit: Palmetto State Armory MOE Lower Kit (I’ve heard mixed things about PSA, but AK Operators Union did a video where their ‘Freedom Rifle’ made it to 5,000 rds without jamming) LINK
Upper Receiver: Aero Precision 16" MLOK (I haven’t heard that much about these, but they’re one of the only higher low-end uppers I could find) [LINK]
BCG: PSA Premium BCG (Standard Mil-Spec, MPI and all that jazz, but cheaper than name brand) LINK
CH: Radian Raptor Ambi (Need I say more?) LINK
Optic: Some Red dot. Not sure.
Sling: Blue Force Tactical Vicker’s Sling. Simply the best.
Forward Grip: I will probably experiment with this one, but either a Magpul vertical forward grip, or a magpul AFG.

That’s about it! Thanks for helping out!


Overall, if what you’re building is for occasional range use and SD, then the parts listed will suffice. To be honest though, I have always leaned more towards BCM, Geissele, Aero and Ballistic Advantage when it comes to my builds but I do build with a fighting rifle in mind when I build. More cost up front but rock solid reliability and performance in the end.

Optic wise I would suggest possibly considering a LPVO over a red dot, especially if you’re going with a 16in barrel.

I would also think about a good budget WML such as a Streamlight or Inforce.

Good luck.


I might have missed something but at closer ranges (HD or urban settings) wouldnt the red dot be far more user friendly? I mean limitless eye relief, less need to watch head positioning, less weight and much faster target acquisition, etc.


In my experience most rifles run best how they come from the factory.
Outside accessories non withstanding.


@gprice1, the upper and lower components look good to me. I’m not a snob so the rest is moot for me. I just went with some standard CMMG lower parts kit and buffer tube/etc and Magpul furniture. The BCG was included with our BCA complete .223 Wylde upper. All have been superbly reliable for us.

^ This.


Over time I have come to appreciate the benefits a LPVO brings over red dots. A good LVPO can be had for under $400 and offers quick engagements in close while also offering better target identification and shot placement at longer ranges. 3 out of my 4 HD rifles carry red dots but my latest build now sports a 1x6 LPVO and it really makes a difference at 300 and more yards/meters. Even in closer urban environments a LPVO is a force multiplier.


I agree magnification is definitely a force multiplier. I guess it comes down to his intended use. If most of his shooting is inside of a 100 yards then the dot just seems much more forgiving and lighter. I get what you are saying though.

I might have misunderstood the OP too . I was under the impression(my mistake) that he was a noob and was partially basing my opinion on that. Ive always been one to encourage people to learn how to shoot without magnification untail they are decent out to 200 or so yards with Irons and or a red dot.


I’ve had good luck with palmetto state armory parts as far as reliability, may have some minor cosmetic blemishes. If your goal is reliable 50yard or less the red dot route would be fine. But I’ve been leaning more towards 1-6x primary arms or vortex. With these your not dependent on battery but have the option for illumination. Kinda best of both worlds to me. At 1 power with the rectical light on I’m just as quick as my red dot.


I’m of the same mind set when it comes to shooting without magnification. I’m assuming the builder is not a novice, per se, and have always believed that mastering irons should be the first priority of any shooter. With that said, having magnification available when possible just makes sense to me.


Did I miss what caliber you are building?


.223 Wylde is what the upper takes.


Nope! No misunderstanding here. I still am somewhat new to shooting (less than 2 years), and although I know a lot, I have only been out shooting 20 or so times. I would probably use this rifle with the irons until I felt proficient enough to upgrade to the red dot.

I get that. The rifle would, however, be meant for both home defense and larger engagements. A friend of mine runs a rifle training class for LEO’s, and he’s found that in the >2000 rds range, most LPVO’s tend to break down. If I were to get a LPVO, I might go with a Vortex Strike-Eagle 1-6x. I’ve heard really good things about those, and they come with a lifetime warranty.


For home defense a red dot is ideal but for anything out past 100 yards you might consider some magnification,imo. I like prism scopes with an offset rds myself, ymmv.

Have you considered prism scopes? (like an acog or clone)

I like LPVO but I do not like the way they handle or the way they make my rifle balance in run and gun type shooting.


I would be curious to what brand LPVO breaks at the 2000 round mark? Any quality brand (Leupold, Vortex, Night Force, Burris, etc…) will hold up to many thousands of rounds. I’m willing to wager that Primary Arms would hold up just as well. Quality LPVO will be on par with a quality RD and vice versa.

BTW, I run a Vortex Strike Eagle on my latest build. Good optic for the money.


Are you sure he didnt mean that they wont hold zero? What does he mean by “broke”?


If you are not set on 223 Wylde (that is what both of my 223 variants are), here is the same setup in 5.56 NATO for $374. It is only available in black.


Here is another option for your BCG. Toolcraft makes a lot of the BCGs that are marketed by other companies, possibly PSA (I cannot say that for sure). Both sites are out of stock at the moment and I don’t see what PSA is charging.


Maybe… I’m not taking his word as complete gospel…

He mentioned the Vortex Strike Eagle, but I’m not positive.


Faxon gunners barrel would be my recommendation.
I also recommend a 1-4, 1-6, 1-8 scope vs a red dot. Please trust me on this Brother. Buy once, cry once.


Hmm. I would probably agree with you on the scope. I’m thinking of using BUIS until I get a nice enough scope.
Is changing barrels on an upper very difficult? I might buy the Aero Precision upper and swap out the barrel for the Faxon.
Which scope do you recommend?