Ar-15 gas block dimples



Good info! I went a simpler route since I don’t have all those fancy tools.


Ha! Yes that is far cheaper than the route that I took!


Adjustable gas blocks are far better utilized for running suppressor/silencers. This helps with dwell time of the trapped gasses so your rifle cycles properly. Outside of that I would never run one nor will I run a piston driven.


Another use for adjustable gas blocks is with low reciprocating mass systems, you can get a very soft and flat shooting rifle with proper tuning. I put one together for the wife and younger grandkids, I must confess to putting a thousand or so rounds out of it myself. Low mass BCG, low power spring, and no weight in the buffer. Once I got the gas set right it has run like a top, only malfunctions were related to the Nib coating causing a tolerance issue on the ejector, swapped it out for a nitride ejector and have not had a malfunction since.


That’s a really good point you brought up jtallen83. If some one was going for a lightweight rifle, or hunting rifle you could use a light carrier and empty buffer and adjust your gas system accordingly. Good idea Brother. I might have to try that some day.


Not an original idea on my part, I read about 3-gunner’s using these types of rigs. Taccom3G specializes in this area;


Interesting website! Thanks for posting it Brother!