AR-15 magazine stamps


I was going to do one for AK magazine stamps, but I will leave that for @ZEKESHOOTS.
Most of us have some aluminum or stainless steel AR magazines. To be honest I like the steel and aluminum ones far better that the polymer magazines. The steel and aluminum have more character. They fit into more non- AR 15 firearms as well.
Everyone has a personal favorite and I think that I have a split opinion on my favorite AR magazine. First I love D&H out of Wisconsin.

They are aluminum and just function. I have yet to have an issue with one. My other go to is C-products defense.

They use stainless steel and like the D&H mag I have not had a problem with them. The only knock I can give them is that they are a little heavier than the aluminum magazines.
I have run a lot of P-mags and all sorts of other polymer magazines with no problems at all to be fair.

Here are some other good ones to run with.

Here is one with out a stamp! I can remember where I got it.
Here is one that’s now a collectors item.

Palmetto state makes some good ones too. Most are D&H with a different floor plate.
So what magazines do you run and what are your experience with them?


Holy crap. It’s as bad on the AR side.


I run completely on PMAGs, both for my ARs and AK, although I do have a couple oddball mags that I picked up along the way. I really like the Daniel Defense 32-round mags, but I have an aluminum 20-round mag that is a great range piece for when everything else is too long.


I know! I will leave it to you for the AK side. It’s tricky to tell the difference on AK magazines if you don’t know what to look for!


I have wanted to try them!

They work nice for work on the bench!


The DD mag is no bigger than a normal PMag, and it has a solid feeling to it (compared to a Sig mag I have that feels flimsy). I haven’t had any issues with it so far, but thats the bare minimum for modern magazines. I think the fact that you get the two extra rounds in the same size as a standard PMag is the biggest benefit, but again, their construction is pretty solid as well. The 20 rounder is absolutely great for the bench rest!


I whole heartedly agree with that!

How do the feed lips hold up under the magazine being stored loaded? I have a few p-mags that are getting pretty wide. I’m waiting for one of my bolt lugs to bringing one to the chamber!


I left it fully loaded for a bit over a year while I was overseas. No problems upon returning, and I feel confident just leaving it stacked this time as well.


Good to know. Thank you for the info!
I will look into them.


There is so many diffeent kind of ak mags it’s not even funny
Russian Bulgarian etc etc
Chinese mags are sought after
There is ribbed non ribbed slab sides bake lites
So many diffrent kinds
I prefer Bulgarian mags personally but as I said before I have a magazine problem
I prefer steel mags over polymer but I have some of those as well
My main criteria honestly is if they fit in all my rifles no matter which one and they have good springs
I’m not a collector like some of the guys I know that have $300 fluer de Li mags
All I care is that they function


i have all pmags. Do want sone gi mags tho. Just to diversify lol


I have mostly pmags, all my steel mags are d&h industries except for a few bushmaster 20rnd steel mags.


I bought some of those D&H aluminum mags from BCM, good stuff.


Avoid Troy Battle mags, I have had the base plates break off during hard use (carbine course). For polymer, Lancer Warfighter mags and pmags are the only ones I really like. Aluminum mags are cool too. I do not care for the HK steel mags too much though, they are more of a novelty item ,imo.


Here was another similar thread I started on AR mags awhile back.




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