AR 15 Pistol Build PSA Upper and Anderson Lower - BoomStick Tactical


How many of you guys enjoy building your own guns? Here is a project that I recently completed. It was a lot of fun building this and adding it to my collection.


I love building all sorts of firearms!
The last AR-15 build I did was a palmetto.


I love it so much, I bought the company… :rofl:

Ok, I started my own company… but yes, I love building guns. Hold classes for people to learn how. Though I am not the world’s grandest teacher.


I love working on /building so much I want to do it for a living.


I just purchased a PSA 10.5" barreled upper , have a PSA lower build kit , Anderson multi-cal receiver and am preparing to build a pistol. I saw your yt video on your build now I want to finish one for myself.
Thank you, Best al


Thanks for watching


Working on an AR10. 308 build. Going to have to wait till tax time to get more parts with the holidays just a few weeks away.


I started by building a lower with a complete upper in AR57. Then I bought a 22 Wylde upper and built another lower. Then I bought a 7.62 X 39 kit with everything but the lower and put everything together myself. My last project was to individually buy the pieces I wanted and build a lighter 223 for my wife. She loves that she was able to hit ~650 yards most of the time with it.
My current project is a 6.5 Grendel build for me. I think I may have an addiction.

Hello, my name is Armed Eye Doc and I’m a gunaholic.


Must be contagious. I’m still gathering parts for a Grendel build myself. Hope to get it done by Christmas.


Cool. Good luck