AR 15 Pistol Build PSA Upper and Anderson Lower - BoomStick Tactical

How many of you guys enjoy building your own guns? Here is a project that I recently completed. It was a lot of fun building this and adding it to my collection.


I love building all sorts of firearms!
The last AR-15 build I did was a palmetto.


I love it so much, I bought the company… :rofl:

Ok, I started my own company… but yes, I love building guns. Hold classes for people to learn how. Though I am not the world’s grandest teacher.


I love working on /building so much I want to do it for a living.


I just purchased a PSA 10.5" barreled upper , have a PSA lower build kit , Anderson multi-cal receiver and am preparing to build a pistol. I saw your yt video on your build now I want to finish one for myself.
Thank you, Best al

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Thanks for watching

Working on an AR10. 308 build. Going to have to wait till tax time to get more parts with the holidays just a few weeks away.


I started by building a lower with a complete upper in AR57. Then I bought a 22 Wylde upper and built another lower. Then I bought a 7.62 X 39 kit with everything but the lower and put everything together myself. My last project was to individually buy the pieces I wanted and build a lighter 223 for my wife. She loves that she was able to hit ~650 yards most of the time with it.
My current project is a 6.5 Grendel build for me. I think I may have an addiction.

Hello, my name is Armed Eye Doc and I’m a gunaholic.


Must be contagious. I’m still gathering parts for a Grendel build myself. Hope to get it done by Christmas.

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Cool. Good luck

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