AR Lubrication Test - Oil vs. Grease


I recently conducted a quick non-scientific lubrication test using full synthetic grease vs. full synthetic oil. I fired about 400 rounds using each type of lubricant. Overall, the grease remained in place and provided better staying power in my opinion, but it caused much more fouling. The synthetic oil remained in place and didn’t burn off, but the rails on the carrier looked a bit dry. Also, the BCG had less fouling using the oil. The gun was reliable using both lubricants…zero malfunctions.

This is Super Lube Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease after about 450 rounds

This is Amsoil Synthetic Firearm Lubricant after about 400 rounds

Sooo, which lubricant do I prefer? It depends. For extended operation between cleanings or operation in dusty environments, I would choose the oil and periodically re-oil in the field if necessary. However, I would use the grease if the weapon will be cleaned on a more frequent basis, since I believe that it stays in place much better.

So, lets open the can of oil…uhh…worms. What do you guys think?


Wow, big difference.


Looks good! I am still of the mind of having a lubricant that can stay put over a super light weight oil. There is no point to having lubed your rifle and all of the lube end up in the buffer tube after 24-48 hours of up right storage.

Good test Brother!


This is pretty much what i do as far as what gets oil & what gets grease.but i use weaponshield


Always am impressed with AMSOIL products.
I’m doing a longevity test to see how it protects over the winter season at protecting against rusting.


The grease has a lithium Base ive never had the oil run down when stored in the safe. .


I used a Lithium base grease last winter and found it dried out and didn’t really protect as well I wanted.
Lithium is a soap based grease and I expected the dry out somewhat.
What I didn’t care for most was the removal prep for shooting season.
It was difficult to get out of crevices due to the dry out.
Not to tought AMSOIL but the firearm cleaner dissolved the gunk and it was removed easily.
Word of advice however the Cleaner is NOT a protectant so to speak.
If you use it I’m sure it does protect the metal, but I found when subjected to heat like the barrel gets hot it evaporated and left a light grey film (Light but noticeable).
Clean with it; and use a lubricant wipe down.

And before anyone asks.
I Do Not Sell AMSOIL.

There’s my 2 cents anyway that wont even buy a gumball these days.


Same here. I’ve been using it for years in my vehicles, off-road toys, and now my guns.


my 7.3 just loves amsoil


So does my 5.9. Their high efficiency oil filters are great too!


I use those, my 7.3 starts 10x easier and runs much smoother, carzy thing but true


I’m not sure what else is in the weapons Shield brand, but I have not experienced drying out. I have had the guns that don’t get used much, about a year, and the grease is still grease and pliable. And since I’ve been using this particular brand of oil, I have noticed reduction of wear, debris and other build up is minimal, copper Etc making it easier to clean after shooting. However I am interested in checking out the Amsoil. Can you throw up a pic of Amsoil label so i know what im looking for?


Buy direct.




@Grenz45 I am new to firearms and would love to here more about this product!!


In general, I’ve had good luck with 100% synthetics. They don’t evaporate or boil off under high heat, and they don’t gum up in colder temps like conventional petroleum lubes.


Makes sense. Great thread, thanks for sharing your experiments & results. Very helpful!


I typically buy a quart of the generic synthetic automotive motor oil at Walmart and use that for my rifle oil.
I usually use CLP on the handguns I carry and clean on a regular basis.
I’ve been experimenting with different greases, but usually find that they either collect a bunch of crud (like shown above…and not good in the desert!) or break down/solidify, so I’m very conservative with grease…I tend to use a little bit of Tetra in limited applications.
I’d rather re-oil on a regular basis especially with how cheap it is.


Good info