AR or AK


Whats your preference between these two platforms? (and to be clear , im not asking whats better.)

Im one for a good arguement but lets keep the “let me shoot you” or " wanna gunfight about it " stuff to a minimum.

  • AR
  • AK

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FAL vs AK vs AR vs other ( vs. thread 2.0 )

Of course your not asking which is better, we all know it’s AR…:smiling_imp:


I prefer ar for being a versatile platform, used with a flat shooting cartridge 5.56 etc. However, an ak with very affordable ammo & a large 30 cal bullet is hard to beat! I plan to get an aknext. Been reading opinions on our forum to try & get a handle on the best, most reliable brand to purchase.


Just remember, these AKs might come from a communist nation but they are legal immigrants(with papers to prove it) and they just want to live the American dream.


I like that philosophy!


What’s your preference instead of what’s better is the right way to go. But unfortunaty the AR vs AK argument is just like the 1911 vs Glock debate.

Anyway I voted but only because I have ZERO experience with the other. Once I do my vote may change.


The 1911 vs Glock poll will be next week.


Damn. That will be a shit-show. How about steel vs polymer instead?


Ive got some cool memes and an offensive youtube video to go with it. Im going for a ginger white Don King type of thing for that one.


Oh man…


The round is fairly accurate 7.62x39, ak platform not as much without work


hey what AKM or AK74 or are you just lumping those in as a AK?
in truth a crappy made AK (any variant) will out work/shoot a crappy made AR however for over all modular(ness) the AR platform reigns supreme (unless we compare it to the Stoner Weapon System)


Wonder what would happen if Glock made a 1911?


The AR versatility is light years ahead of an AK, I own both and my AR SBR totally dominates an AK…the AK was designed and built with a total different set of guidelines compared to the AR…the AR can be rebuilt with a few tools, the AK requires way more work and tools to build…just the AR caliber choice alone puts the AK way down…


or you would need a key to start it



isn’t Arsenal built here in USA (Las Vegas, I think) ?


Arsenal is from Bulgaria. They might ship parts and have them assembled here though. I think there was a place named Arsenal USA that built custom Saigas a few years ago though.


RRA is close with their polymer 1911s.


Not really but kind of. You can get A PSA ,Aero Precision or S&W M&P for $600ish and they are rock solid budget rifles, pretty much the Wasrs of the AR world. With AKs both I.O. and Centurys Ras are as bad as any Hesse or Anderson AR15. I do think Wasrs are pound 4 pound the best value in defensive rifles though.



Looks like they have a mix of imported (from Bulgaria), and made in USA. From their website:


US manufacturer and importer of the finest and most authentic examples of the time proven assault rifle design. All Arsenal Inc products are assembled and quality assured by factory trained master craftsmen who maintain Arsenal’s legendary 75-year reputation for quality.