AR or AK


Maybe so but there true my friend

I sometimes forget most other forums are ar lovers
Ak files has been my home for a long long time


Sorry, I didn’t read past that :rofl::joy::rofl:


So, you are insinuating an AK-47 is a better gun than AR-15? That’s funny


Didn’t look like insinuating to me.


I’m insinuating that you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine
Own what you want to own


Ak’s the bestest, lolAK-47-Kool-Aid


I agree


My Colt 6920 went 7k(ish) rounds without a cleaning, just lubed. It was a bitch to finally clean but ive had zero issues. I took it through 4 courses including a 2-day one that had me shooting a 1000 rounds. Simple fact is, there are some ways that a modern AR is more reliable than an AK. I do think the AK is more reliable overall and obviously more robust but the claim that the AR15 is unreliable trash is a pretty stupid claim. I can dig up enough articles from guys like Pat McNamara, Paul Howe, Larry Vickers, Kyle Lamb that im convinced the AR is a legit platform. They are the tip of the spear and are a little more knowledgeable on the topic than 99% of the population.


A lot of good points.
My 2 cents. When I was instructing I had more than a few AR-15 have failures that had to go to the bench to be repaired.
In all my time I had 1 AK start to have extraction issues “ the guy never cleaned it once” I found a small rock loged under the extractor claw!
Both systems have there strengths and weaknesses just like all mechanical devices, they will have design tolerance that help one aspect and rob another. I’m not going to say one or the other is better than the other.
The real answer is the best one is the one you have the most experience with that works in the situation your in.
If AK47 is “junk” why is it that a majority of country’s have them or build them?
If the AR-15 “sucks” then why does everyone have one? The work awesome when tuned properly.
When it comes down to it leave emotions at the door and get it the fight before it gets you.


This is pretty much proof of the m4s reliability. Same with the other articles I posted. Its kind of weird how people ignore proof and act on emotion lol. Magazines are the Achilles heel of the AR platform.


The right answer is mine


Look at the amount of AR15s to AKs here in America though, from the classes ive taken theres at least a 20:1 of AR15s to AKs. If you take a 100 BCMs or Colts and pit them against 100 Arsenals the numbers would probably be significantly closer.

I do like DI ARs but I think pistons make more sense in these types of guns.
While I do think the AK has an edge when it comes to reliability I give a solid piston AR like PWS , HK 416, LWRC M6 and advantage over either, its both sealed and runs cleaner than either not to mention theres less wear&tear on the bcg. All that said I still like my DI guns and they have their own pros and cons.


Details? Who made them? What have you upgraded on them?
Posting pics without info is not cool, this is not actual porn where nobody cares about names.


That was an old setup, now are quite different. Both of them are Norinco, CQ-A and a type 59, one in 5.56 the other obviusly in 7,62x39. In the first picture the AK mounted the Tapco kit with folding stock, now I put back woods. The M4 got CAA stock and a flooating alu foregrip. Red dot with laser and a magpull muzzle




just occurred to me, I have a reck in my porn thread but not a single AK…


I’ll have to hunt one up…


What kind of FAL is that?


Frankenfal, like 99% of them

G1 parts, Sand bolt, Coonan receiver


I like the handgaurd.


G1 is my favorite, even over the para model


I dont like folding stocks on heavy rifles, the para does nothing for me. The G1 style FAL is real eye candy.