AR or AK


I got the mid way also IMI Galil 223R


Good for you Brother!


Those rifles are sexy but spendy, is it one of the newer or older versions?


I really liked the 2 we had in the shop bit the 1700 dollar price tag when they first were imported turned me off
Last I checked they were 1200 and I just don’t want to spend the coin


The older one, for me the best one, I dis some pimping for tactik use, but still love classic!


What it that on the side?

A gear selector?



It has a bottle opener, bet your precious FAL dosnt have that.


I can’t talk…I have an 80.00 bottle opener :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol mount it on your AR then go rub it in at the Galil guys.


Here is a video of a guy dropping a hog with one shot of 5.56 out of an AR15. From what ive read its a common round for deer and hog. It sucks I cant test it out on deer. I think people just use fmj as an example of 5.56s capabilities and its kind of a shitty.


my precious FAL had one :wink:


Lol :+1:


thanks for the good video on the hog hunt with an AR.

sure - head shots work, as long as you are a good enough shot at the distance you will shoot.

I suppose if that is part of the thrill of the hunt, then taking a smaller caliber gun to do the job makes perfect sense.


Thats just it, the 5.56 with hotloads is not just varmint round. Theres alot of people taking hogs and deer with it.


I am sure you are right.

Nice to see / know that the caliber is so flexible for hunting.

Personally, I prefer the bigger calibers, but I can see where some would prefer the 5.56.


Ive always thought it was a bit light for anything bigger than Deer and even borderline with deer but Ive been watching alot of hog hunting and alot of them guys like the round. Im not sure I would choose 5.56 for that task but its kind of neat to see.


beyond the legality of hunting deer in your state, or where you are wanting to hunt, shot placement and bullet design would likely make it/break it as a good choice.


That can be said for any caliber, Ive had Deer take off after a .308 hit them and an Elk take off after .300 win mag hit them. I hate tracking so I only do head shots anymore ,if and When I even bother going hunting. Its why I dont try bow hunting.


I am a headshots fan, too, though I still like the bigger calibers for purpose intended.

I once went squirrel hunting with a 1911 .45 acp (Colt Govt model). I winged it with 1911 and finished it off with my Ithaca Model 37 12 gauge. Most people I know hunt squirrels with .22 lr.


5.56 or 223 with a good 75 grain hunting head is more than adequate to stop Hogs or deer without doubt!