AR or AK


This is a fact!




15k rounds




Ive read his other article on the myth of m4 unreliability. Good stuff. :+1:


Filthy 14 hit over 50k.


NSFW…do not open link if you dont like blood. Its an article from a medical professional on these two specific gunshot wounds.


Indestructible they said…


The AK community:





I’m not touching it



I guess


The one true flaw


I really liked the Kris Paronto video, his AR has probably been through hell. “13 Hours” was a great movie and its pretty cool that the rifle he used in the real incident is that rifle in the video and its over a decade old.


Although I own both, I prefer my AK chambered in 5.56x45mm, it still needs to get worked on but now that I am earning enough at my new job, it shouldn’t be too much longer until I send it out.


What’s wrong with it ?


It needs a donkey dong reduction. :crazy_face:

Trust me. Makes it hard to find pants that fit.


Headspacing issue, and currently cut for single stacked magazines.


Its an AK


Unfortunately if you need to replace the bolt there rather hard to find and if you do source one
It will be exspensive

Opening up the magwell is a easy process just measure and go slow
Measure again and measure some more