AR or AK


There’s also videos of ARs blowing up along with literally everything else on planet earth. Guns can blow up, I know shocking revelation isn’t it? :cowboy_hat_face:


Just know I like both and am I biased. :slight_smile:


Except headspacing is more of an issue on AKs, shocking revelation… I know. Apples to oranges. A common way to kaboom AR15s is dunking it in water then not shaking it out. I posted an HK ad where they do that.


Hydro lock can be a huge issue in a ar


Theres a process to draining an AR, it only needs done if its submerged though. I had no issues in intense rain ,shooting 800 rounds in two days. It is a definite thing to be aware of though.


I have used M16’s and AR15’s since 1979 and have yet to have a part break in this Country or a few others…shot for several years on a Military Shooting Team and never had a failure during any practice or match…not sure how many rounds I have fired through various rifles, but it has been many thousands…when one of them finally breaks, if ever then I may change my mind. I am an AR guy for many reasons, mainly because they are so easy to modify with almost no tools, you can’t say that about an AK…just the caliber options alone and how easy it is to change calibers puts it forever ahead of an AK…the AR/AK argument will never end in my lifetime and that’s ok, I go with I know and what has proven itself many, many times…


:+1: I bet alot has changed with the platform since you first started shooting them.


A1’s 2’s 3’s M4’s…a lot of changes…I will still take a 20 inch A3 over all of them…



What type of ammo do you use?


This is ridiculous
I’d love to see a AR video of the same scenario


AR15s dont eat twinkies, they dont like the cream filling.


Hence my point lol


Your AK likes the cream filling?


It likes dirt sand and shit too


Shit? They really do like getting dirty. Did you take a dump in the action or something? My AR is a prude, wont let anything inside :open_mouth:




Charlie cutshaw talks about taking a AK from under a dead Vietnamese soilder that his body decayed into the action they kicked open the action with his boot and fired the whole magazine


My buddies uncle told me similar stories, he supposedly picked up a rusted AK that had seen some time in the mud and ran it for a bit back when he was doing his thing in Nam. He dosnt like AKs or ARs though, he has an obsession with m14s.


I want my 7 minuets back.