AR or AK


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The m14 is a serviceable weapon
My today’s standard people perceive it as antiquated


I dont know much about it. Ive shot them, not my thing but neat rifle. The guy I was talking about carried one in combat and seemed to think highly of it though. Another apples to Oranges, I have plenty of wood jokes for them.


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I like ding dongs too, just not as much as AKs do. Ho hos are even better.


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Unfortunately the M14 was already obsolete when adopted. I personally love the platform and own a M1A but the reality is it is just too limited. When compared to modern options it is heavy, unwieldy, not very modular, shoots a overpowered cartridge for the average grunt, uncontrollable in full auto, and needs a lot of work in the accuracy department if one want to DMR it.

What should have happened is the U.S should have adopted either the T-48 (AKA FAL) or the AR-10.



Other than caliber, are there any significant differences between the AR15 and the AR10?


Theres plenty of proprietary parts but the design is the same.


JohnB The biggest difference that sticks out in my mind is weight the AR-10 is going to weigh more comparing simerly outfitted rifles.


There is also two different types of AR10s, The Armalite and the DPMS. The differences are small but they do take different magazines.


The general design and operating principles are the same but plenty of differences in the details.


thanks for your feedback, jf89, SAK67, and RetPara.

So, AR10 is more proprietary/less standardized than the AR15. The AR10 (generally) weighs more than the AR15. And, the AR10 supports higher-power calibers (.308, et al).

I can see where someone would go with the AR15 if just for defense. And the AR10 for hunting of animals larger than with AR15.

So, all depends on purpose/need.


The DPMS pattern is much more common but the Armalite pattern was/is used by the military (supposedly). I think most of the market is going towards the DPMS though, if I was vuying one I would go with the DPMS pattern (but not an actual DPMS rifle). The Aero Precision M5 is probably the best bang for your buck.



I like that camo pattern.


thanks for the info, jf89.

So, how do you know which pattern a particular AR10 is using?

And, why did/does the military use the Armalite pattern (especially when the DPMS pattern is more popular for the civilian users)?


Im not sure but mags and BCGs are different. Im not that much of an AR10 guy, Im more into the poodle shooters. I will say that my Armalite seemed alot better built then most any DPMS ive ever seen. The nicest AR10 ive ever handled was an LMT MWS.


Not to also mention the DPMS g2, mega arms, and POF revolution- all “AR-10 DPMS/SR-25 mag well guns” that are the size and weight of an AR-15 firing the.308 Winchester cartridge and alike! It gets confusing!


Isnt the SR25 an Armalite rifle? Or is that the Knights Armament one? I cant keep track of all the letters and numbers lol