AR or AK


You are lucky! And I hate using the term best, but LMT I can let it have that title.


Knights armament model.


The LMT is nice, I mightve liked shooting it more than a SCAR H :open_mouth:


thanks everyone for all the info and advice on AR10’s


Found some good info you might like here


Im not in the market for one right now but that is pretty informative. What way did you go for your AR10 build?


Mine is the DPMS Gen 1 pattern but I havent progressed beyond still buying parts,

although with two BETA mags I am considering building twins :heart_eyes:


Thats a great idea! Are you building precision rigs or just plinkers? I would stay away from DPMS barrels and BCGs, unless they revamped their QC practices since picking up those LE contracts a few years back.


AKs really do eat anything, total fatties though.


Not so much an AR vs AK video but it does go into the ballistics a bit. The longevity of the x39 is mind blowing to me.


I will take the 5.56 over the x39 unless I need barrier penetration.


That must be why you like the AR so much


It had female pics, so probably. If it was a gay magazine I would probably own AKs. :smile:


We all know the AR is a girls rifle so go figure :sob::sob:


AK guys are the ones who love wood.


But only girls shoot Ar’s


Sorry I’m just busting chops


How do you figure that ? The worlds top military uses this rifle, only third world sh** holes buy AKs and only because they cant afford quality.


Me too, im drunk .


Me too
The ak and AR argument never gets old