AR or AK


I’m just enjoying the show ^.


My AK’s comrade.

In 9mm Luger, for ease of finding ammunition.


Nice pistol :+1:


Dude! Nice Tokarev!!!


Yugo M70 or Chinese?


Norinco 213, import safety removed. :wink:


I used to have a Norinco 213 it was a nice pistol
It would eat any ammo
Although Ben g double stack made the grip a bit wide and bulky


so a Canadian Version
Wondered how they looked with a full wood grip


Wow! Nice!


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Very nice!


Pretty sweet


:anguished: Oh, no! It’s too pretty to shoot!

Well, you’ll save a bundle on ammo. :heavy_dollar_sign: Not to mention all that time driving back and forth to the range or cleaning the gun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you fired twinkies out of your AK yet?


Israel perfected the Kalashnikov design just like they did to the CZ 75 design with the Jericho 941 and like what they did with the Tavor. Israel’s firearms are for the most part superior to the goat humpers and potatoe drinkers designs, the 6 day war was a good example Israels dominance.


Stay off you tube ahahahhahahaa
I watched that video
So stupid who would ever do that to there gun

Charlie cutshaw was a soilder in Vietnam
He took a ak-47 a Chinese ak that had been indeed a decaying soilder
He said they kicked the bolt open with his boot
And the rifle fire eversy round left in the magazine
Your ar can do that ?


I’ve been drinking


My AR can sustain plenty of abuse, not AK level abuse but it can shoot groups at 300-400 yards.


Good job :+1:


No no
That’s Shte
This is good whiskey
Try it you might like it