AR or AK


Remember this thread? Theres videos of an AK guru (Rob Ski) speaking highly of a good quality AR15.


Jameson > Kentuckian piss whiskey…hell , if you cant handle Irish booze then try the Canukian stuff.


I was going to once. Then I ate them all. :roll_eyes:


Ive never had that brand of booze, only bourbon I mess with is Wild Turkey.


We’ll never know, the guy with the AR is still alive! LOL


Try it
It’s top shelf


I’ll argue with you too
At least it’s entertaining


Whats the price look like?


Im chasing booze with Corona


I’m just messing with ya, had a few shots of whiskey myself :joy:


Damn lush lol


We haven’t had s good argument yet
I’m sure we will
Cheers brother




Today was a range day

Felt good to get out and shoot


Thats because there is no arguement. Ones a finely tuned rifle and one is a weaponized trash can.


What’s “lush”?


a lush would be the guy with six bottles in front of them like you have right now LOL


Always great to get out & shoot!


Or the dreaded +1


To be fair the grey goose was already cracked the whiskey was not. The Corona is just a chaser and theres fireball in the freezer for later…even without the red hair its obvious my ancestors were Irish.