AR or AK


Lol, slightly obvious


Can I like and dislike this too


My buddy brought his Daniel defenses out
He only shot 80 rounds


My Colt has had zero issues with over 20 kinds of ammo, including handloads. Theres so many ARs there is bound to be lemons here and there.

Im wondering if DD is going downhill, Rob Ski has a video of one eating shit in a torture test at a low round count yet his PSA and BCM passed it with flying colors.


In all fairness @akou is hard on every rifle
Rob doesn’t play
That’s one of the reasons I support his effort


If he started doing ARs too, I would buy stuff from him. I love his torture tests and the dude has zero ego unlike alot of people making videos.


These are the new psa offerings this year
2 .223 with ar mag adapters
And a 9mm
These are gonna sell like hot cakes


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Ignore him
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My DD has eaten all types of brass and steel I can throw at it. I’ll believe it’s a problem with garage reloads before it’s a company’s issue. Still, the problem is that there is so much anecdotal info out their. “My x did this” and “My x did that” doesn’t matter when your X does something else.


To be honest, I dont dislike the AK that much its just not my thing. Ive owned a few and considered getting back into them several times but decided against it.
They are a fine weapon for what they are intended to do (just like the AR). The ‘AR vs AK’ stuff is just for fun, im not an arf’er. Lol


Just wanted to clear that up so if any noobs show up, I dont want them to think theres a big inter forum beef going on between each platforms advocates. Lol


I concur
Him and I have a lot of fun arguing out points
It’s all on good fun


You should know the preferred weapon of your enemy in and out. Never know when ya might have to use one.

Why we have some of both :wink: