AR or AK


Feed issue were some of the problem
What kind of mags are you using


Magpul tapco and I have a few surplus mags. Not one works well in it. I’ve had plenty of ftf. A few fte and once I had an empty casing end up where the hammer is. I bought it not knowing about the issues. I may one day have it sent somewhere and have the parts put into a new reciever and built right but it’s not on top of my priorities


Not taking the bait mate. :+1: As Giantspeed said they serve their purpose. Not all guns are for everyone. :wink: That is what is great about this, lots of options. :stuck_out_tongue:




I like the AR for the modularity , accuracy and ergonomics. Modern ARs are also pretty reliable and pretty rugged if you know your weapon inside and out. Apples to Oranges when talking AR vs AK vs Bull pup. I was just indoctrinated by from my time on there years ago.


I agree, those comments are not for real anyways. Plus,Im an ass man so I can appreciate the bullpup.


ARs can survive hell, chrckout this list of torture tests. You need lube though, you cant raw dog the AR like you can the AK. The AR will not eat twinkies either.

You can go thousands of rounds with nothing but lube with an AR.


AKs are equally impressive , its seriously apples to oranges. Both are weapons made for combat, one has been used by over a 100 countries in alot of different wars and the other has been used for over 50 years by the worlds most powerful military.
If I was giving a gun to someone who dosnt handle weapons alot I would rather it be an AK, they are super simple and hard to fuck up ,where as theres some things you need to get familiar with to really appreciate an AR.


@jf89 is a GINGER from Oregon, he knows nothing​:rofl::joy:


It’s public it’s a Isaac Walton league of America
It’s nice it used to be unsupervised but the past few years they’ve gotten a bit stricter

stocked pond pistol range
Archery and shotgun ranges
First year is steep 400 bucks
But as long as you renew every year it’s 100
Been a member for a pretty long time


It is nice


Finished of this 5.45 vepr for a customer at the shop today I think it turned out pretty nice
The owner was looking to clone a krebs Kv-18image


Looks good, got kind of an AR15ish vibe to it.


A bit yes the krebs rail system makes it look sleek


This guy makes some cool stuff.


You should not have any special fondness for a particular weapon, or anything else, for that matter. Too much is the same as not enough. Without imitating anyone else, you should have as much weaponry as suits you .” – Miyamoto Musashi

I had to look up this quote but I remembered parts of it ,the book is kind of a boring read but still kind of interesting.


I have read the Book of 5 rings maybe 5 times. About time to read it again. Japanese philosophy is quite interesting and more in depth that what first meets the reader.


My only issue with Asian philosophy is thier insistence to speak in circles.


Hahahaha I grew up around a heavily influenced Asian culture. I get it… I get culture shock in other parts of the country. Hahhahaa


460 posts later, and now we all know the AK is better. At least there is finally a consensus. :heart_eyes: