AR or AK


I hope your hemmroids flair​:smiling_imp::rofl:


I heard this was a troll thread and was looking at the troll bait

I didn’t even know we had these members







I just hope the AK guys don’t accuse us of manufacturing votes :rofl::rofl::rofl:




AK guys are members of an elite club! :sunglasses:


Must be secret elite :grin:


Welcome to all y’all from SoGaNoFla. ( South Georgia North Florida )


That would be a twist . Russian gun lovers saying American gun lovers rigg a vote.





I just spit out my coffee. thank you!


Only the ones who own elite AKs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


AK runs better with hemorrhoids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Still better…




Any AK other than US made qualifies for elite status! :sunglasses:


60 Countries use M4 variant. M4 carbine
27 Countries use an AK-74 variant. AK-74

By this math, the M4 platform is over 2x better than the AK platform :kissing_heart:


106 countries use the AK47… wow I didn’t know that!


Indeed :sunglasses:


Ummmm… I think the AK outnumbers the M4 by quite a bit regarding military use. :grinning:


Lesser of two evils. I prefer the M1 family.

Now back to the other two. There is a reason a lot of my follow soldiers lost their M16s in favor of AK in Nam. Its a better brush gun. I dont like the mag system period. I do like the 30 cal tho.
So the ladies all have AR15s in 300 blackout. Way more accurate than any AK Ive ever shot, can spit out as many rounds, and comes in pink.

How about a little story from the Special Weapons Detachment days:
We were told that they teach 12 year olds around the world how to use AKs.
Yet in Russia it is required you are officer level before they teach you the AR platform.

Make you think


Love my Garand and M1A for casual shooting but if I need something that I know will run under the worst of conditions then it’s either my AKM (2nd choice) or one of my ARs (probably my MK12 first).

I know you are not the biggest fan of the AR from your experiences but the current iterations have been improved ten-fold from its early combat debut. A properly spec’d AR today will hands down out compete even the vaunted AK, as the InRange mud test proved. Add to that the commonality of ammo in this country as well as parts compatibility and it just cannot be beat.