AR or AK


No one said you couldn’t like the AR-15.


IMO, many militaries run the Kalash because they can’t afford the M16/M4 family…YET.


and that answers the question


I was being a smart ass towards Glockshooter. My post was similar to his …but better because mine was about the AR15, the actual right arm of the actual freeworld (how do you like that FAL guys).


I have contemplated starting like 10 accounts just to vote on this poll. The Russians meddle with votes , I just want to return the favor.


Uncle Mike looks tougher.


Pat McNamara looks more badass, even with a barbie doll rifle.


Shoulda seen Uncle Mike in '41.


Would have to be a pretty scary dude to one up this guy. Heard he went on deployment with that sledge hammer and took bad guys down like Thor.


You have this picture hanging in your locker don’t you Jf89! :rofl:


Right next to his Justin Bieber poster…


:rofl: Actually, I have been watching his youtube channel, thanks for that though. :fu:

Speaking of homosexual jokes, how do you like that new AK?


Miley Cyrus maybe …but no Bieber.


Which one? There is a few and another on the way!




I dont get the reference.


Welcome to the Matrix




I have never actually watched The Matrix all the way through.


That ain’t right.

Funny as hell though