AR or AK


I have never actually watched The Matrix all the way through.


That ain’t right.

Funny as hell though


Hey, im not judging… I didn’t say a word about his Boy George / Culture Club poster he says he is hanging up either


Now youre fantasizing, bet a package of hotdogs gets you all excited.


Calm down. Like I said, I’m not judging. .


Yea you are, just because you look like a cue ball dosnt mean you have to be a dickhead.


That’s uncalled for, Ronald McDonald!


You use an AK in Afuckistan because, unlike in first world countries, you can’t rely on getting any replacement parts! :wink:


They dont shoot their rifles enough to worry about spare parts and If there is issues they just throw them away and trade a few frogs and chickens for another one.



Parts? NYET. Rifle is fine.


An AK will function just fine with a missing part or two.


Dumber than AOC-U Next Tuesday - if possible


What are you guys talking about? Everyone knows the SKS and the Hi-point carbine are the best rifles in the known universe. But, those are rare and expensive and stuff. So, I choose to fight communism with a Mini-14. It’s like an AR and an AK…but better. Because reasons.


Oh look you brought up 3 more trash can rifles, your armory must be in a dumpster


Hey Hey hey… that’s not very nice. Some people might actually believe that.

Lol. I do own a Mini-14. And, it’s okay. On the flip side, Ive also got an AK and, like half a dozen AR’s (and built countless others).

I was speaking for the guys reading the thread that are too scared of mean remarks to openly tell us they like crap guns. That’s right… we know you’re watching. Come on out and let us learn you some schoolin’. Sitting there in your mom’s basement fuming that nobody mentioned your Chinese SKS in the thread knowing it’s heavy and clunky and that your aftermarket 30 round mags don’t feed and your pinned on snake brake will eventually end up downrange. Put down the Code Red Mountain Dew and log off of WoW so you can come get your public beatings. I’m not taking all of them for you. Lmao


The mini 14 was on the A-team so it gets cool points. I just like to stir up a bunch of nonsense.

Those AKs though…they are ugly , filthy, third world trash can decorations.


I like all guns. Big guns, small guns, guns that climb on rocks. I like cheap and expensive ones too.

I’m your huckleberry.

See member map if you truly feel like assaulting me Brother. I would rather talk through our different points of view, and opinions.

I’m a little shocked at your post. It shows a lot of interesting thoughts on people with maybe less money. People who can’t afford more expensive firearms.
I am of the opinion that the 2nd amendment is for every American citizen, not just the rich.
Don’t let my opinion stop you from belittling other forum members. Your opinion matters too.

I do like the AK47/74, SKS, and I don’t yet own a hi point, but I like to think that some day I will.


II didn’t mean a physical beating. Lol. I meant it more as a “microaggression.” And, my intent was to spur on the people with cheaper guns to get involve in the discussion. Clearly, it worked. I was once a purveyor of the less expensive, myself. It was funny. Not threatening or aggressive. Sorry you took it that way. :beers:


Just wanted to be clear that I had no idea there was an issue here or that any remarks were made at any specific people. I am Switzerland(neutral) on this stuff and hope we can settle our differences without gun duels or bullets flying. Also, I was just being a jackass and cracking a few jokes not being for real…but… AR>AK