AR or AK


I actually knew this would happen. Sarcasm and jokes don’t translate well in text, sometimes. I wasn’t trying to upset anyone, either. Hopefully, I cleared that up. Truly am sorry for the misunderstanding.


That guy would look badass in a bunny suit.


I am pretty well known for having that issue too. I have been labled full30s red haired stepchild , so unless you want to join the club than I recommend stopping the funny jokes and maybe being more serious(sarcasm)


That would be an intimidating Easter Bunny, especially with the AR.


What’s wrong? Scared of the competition? Lol. I do serious stuff, too. Sometimes things just rub people the wrong way. That’s the nature of human interaction.


@Robert is trying to get me drunk giving me beers. I’m a little suspicious of his intentions. I’M NOT THAT KINDA GIRL! #peppersprayemoji


Im just here for the milk and cookies. I dont mind competition though. You are more than welcome to join my “He-man woman haters club” too…


Until I drive you past this and gauge your salute I wouldn’t make my move


Careful of the roofies


Those are the best part!


I already posted it :sunglasses:



You would be disappointed by my salute. I hate Chevrolets.


Let me break the news to my wife :rofl::rofl:


I am going to get a dog and name it General Sherman, might go to the next town over and take it for walks all over Atlanta boulevard.


Whoa… that’s going a little far. Too soon, man…Too soon…



No idea what you are talking about, I was just inspired by the mans best friend thread…


Time to get back on topic.

AR15>AK because R. Lee Ermy said so.

:rofl: :rofl:


I like my Chinese SKS very much, I also foster a Hi-Point but even though it isn’t mine I will defend it because it shoots when the trigger is pulled ( or squeezed ) . Now that my feelings have been hurt I will have to take part in some aroma therapy to feel good again, of course someone on here did mention some rubbing. Lol


Just so everyone knows , I do not think AKs are trash can rifles (except Century Arms stuff). They are a tool. While I prefer the AR , a properly built AK from a good company is a fine rifle.

This thread was started just so people could get an idea of everyone’s preferences on the two most common combat rifles in the U.S. . It was always meant to be a light hearted thread to bullshit and troll a bit. I hope noobs do not think this thread is for real. Full30 , in general is not aR15. com. Its more a common ground for firearm enthusiasts of all platforms. I post something like this every so often just to make sure people know this is just for fun.


That was a different time, the M16 had a very rough start. Its has a whole lot of R&D since those days.