AR or AK


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So what is a simple translation of what we would call the hook or the chorus in the song?


AK…because I got high :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:



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Have to admit, I haven’t seem many of these in an AR platform. :thinking:


Is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?


I’ll probably take a beating for this, but I don’t consider the AR a true “DI” system. The gas drives an internal piston (the bolt) in the carrier through a direct connection by the gas tube. Plus the piston (bolt) movement occurs on the centerline of the bore, so there are no off centerline forces created that would affect the bullet’s trajectory during the dwell phase, the most critical portion of the bullet’s travel as it leaves the barrel. It’s true that the gasses are pumped into and remain inside the BCG / Upper Receiver area for a period of time, there are ways of venting any excess gas before it goes down the tube to reduce the adverse effects of those gasses. So in general, I don’t recommend installing an external piston system on an AR. Stoner considered the implications of the “internal piston” gas system and designed it accordingly.
I’ll start ducking now…



you’re bit late and but in good company


You do make a good point.


I’ll go back and see how Mac handles this topic. He usually talks some good sense when addressing technical issues. Thanks for the info.



Valid point… but I still prefer the piston AR over the DI…
What is interesting is that when the piston first came out, there were some issues with bolt tilt. While there is still bolt tilt, the piston drive BCG in any of the leading manufacturers has addressed this and designed them so this will have less effect on the upper. I personally do not see the disadvantages or an accuracy issue with a ground up piston gun. Other rifle designs have much more of an issue with this.


The HK 416 was the one that suffered from carrier tilt the worst, might have to do with it being the most widely used piston AR though. I prefer DI but see the benefits of a piston set up. Its another Apples to Oranges thing.


Actually more of a granny Smith compared to McIntosh Red than apple vs orange since a DI AR is still a piston system, just arranged differently. Don’t mind me though, I just like stirring the pot at this point.

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Well the AK guys are not around right now so we do need something to stir up untail they get back.


@jf89 Be nice! While many of us are out shooting our well-functioning AR’S today, obviously, the AK guys are home working on theirs. Have a heart, you damn bully!

Legal disclaimer for Lone Wolf McQuade:
, the above comment is nothing more than satire! It is illegal to take it as anything other than fun and a joke. Failure to do so is punishable by law! For the snowflakes, feel free free to flag anyhow, it makes my day :slight_smile:


You dont work on AKs, you throw them away and buy a new one. The whole idea behind the AK is that its simple, cheap and disposable …like your mom :rofl:

Oh wait, nevermind… we are on the same side.
I hear that Kalashnikov was considering using the “Communist Manifesto” as the owners manual for their rifles for now on.


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I mean, It would look cool in my collection of participation trophies




Dancing With the Stars

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