AR10 Bolt Catch companies?


So I just sent out my latest build to my cerakoter. Then I realized that I need a new bolt catch and mag release for AR10 since the AR15 is different.
Anyone have any ideas where to look??? something that is NOT standard boring mil-spec looking. Something that actually has some style to it.

Thanks in advance!!!


See if Phase 5 makes one for AR10, they make the AR15 and are super awesome


Yeah I will have to take a look. I used to deal with the owner years ago. I for sure do NOT want something like that though. This is a long range precision build so zero need for anything like that. But I will take a look and see if they have something. I just talked to the owner of Forward Controls Design and he has a pretty nice one as well.


If you are running semi auto on a long range rifle you are already breaking the rules :wink:

The advantage of this is you can use your index finger to send the bolt home, and that just so happens to be right by the trigger…not sure you’re seeing the full potential…:sunglasses:

I think POF & LWRC both made similar ambi releases


lol. well we are all here for a time. might be a long time or a short time, so might as well break some rules. :wink:
and the military also now use in most instances semi auto for their snipers. so should be ok since I am only planning on going and shooting 500-700 yards.


Semi-Automatic Sniper System :+1:



Ordered from Forward Control. I have ran their mag release on another build and he hit me back with that nice discount code.





If you or anyone you know wants to order anything from them…
I was able to get them to run a 15% discount code off of their website - FCD15
Good until 10/22/2018

tell your friends or anyone you think should have some nice pieces on their guns vs boring