AR12, or AK12?


The question is: if you had to choose one of these shot guns, which one would you choose and why would you choose that one?

  • AK12, VEPR, Saiga.
  • AR12, Panzer, VR60.

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VEPR. Duh.


Yeah, me to Brother. I choose the AK12’s because they (to me) seem to be built far better than the counterparts. This is just my opinion, and I have very little experience with the AR12 shot guns.
I hope that some one steps up to the plate in the AR12 market. The VR60 looks to be well made. Lot of plastic, but I have never fired one.


UTAS XTR-12 for me.

It’s a 12ga upper on a standard LR308 lower. The only difference is the super lightweight buffer assembly. I’ve run low base Walmart loads to magnum buckshot. It feeds everything… and I’ll bet it’s lighter than all the competitors.


I like all of them, but, DAT VEPR. UNF!!!


That seems like higher quality than the rest. I will have to look into that.

I know the early UTAS-15 shot guns had some problems, but are ok now.

P.S. you gotta vote Brother!


I’m picking the Panzer vr60 it’s priced right :+1:


I know the RIA V60 as the M10
throwing something else out there
deyra M12


Ok, pound me in the back alley… but I am a Mossberg or Benelli fan… hahhahaha


… No thank you.

For the record I am a Franchi, Benelli, and Mossberg shooter too, but IF you had to choose one. Which way would you go? And why?


Key words in the video (UNRESTRICTED!!!) it’s like music to my ears!


I would grab the Russian, because it is Russian not Turkey…
Big difference between military grade and fun gun… :+1:


Now that was a well founded decision Brother.


I pick the AR12 because, I like AR platforms and I have zero experience with AK’s of any kind.


I hear the Turkish shotguns are quite good actually. Is that not the case?


Good reasoning! You have to go with what you know.


I think RGW’s answer is a multifaceted one. Every dollar is a vote, and once upon a time the capital of Turkey was Constantinople.


The vote is against 2 weapons… the AK12 is a better weapon in this case. I go for quality, reliability, and durability. For the most part, the only weapons I even bring into the shop are combat reliable. This has nothing to do with Turkish made firearms. Tri-Star makes a great shotgun. They even have a Saga crammed into a plastic bullpup. There are a few other Turkish firearms that I have worked on that are a decent weapon. But then again… I am working on them. I have even been contacted by a company who makes this “AR” and I can buy them for $170.00
I tend to be in the boat of buy once even if you have to save up. I am not against cheaper weapons. One of my favorite pump action shotguns is the Mossberg. Great weapon, easy to take apart and clean and it is reliable.
I also have Benelli… same thing but for the price tag.
But then I will not buy a Remington… why? Because it is cheap. An actual stupid design… the engineer who can up with it had his head up his ass. You, the end user cannot swap out an ejector. Trigger pack is assembled and riveted so it is a one time deal… the list goes on including cheap quality metal.
This is the same thing with a lot of Turkish firearms.
It is like saying this, would you depend on a Taurus or a Beretta?
Same basic design if you get a “92” type pistol…
But what would you really grab if you had a choice in front of you and the mushroom clouds were rising behind you?
I am not saying I am 100% correct, but through nearly 30 years of gun smithing, 35 years of gun collecting that is what I have come up with. Hell, next year a manufacturer out of Turkey may come up with the best thing ever. It could happen and I will change my mind! But at this point I would grab a Beretta, a Browning, Benelli, or Mossberg over other brands of shotguns.

#19 Initial reviews look good.
I like the looks of this one, add some 9 round mags, cool inexpensive package!