AR12, or AK12?


I do like that VR60. Most of these shotguns are pretty inexpensive. I really need to get one.


I would go with the Saiga over the RIA simply because the V60 has issues that were not mentioned in the “reviews”.
and I would take the M12 over the M10 (RIA V60)

@ 4:40


Buy what you like, buy what you can afford, do the other shotguns have a warranty?
The Rock Island has a lifetime warranty!
Soon to be Made in USA with a folding stock.
I’ll wait till next year before i make my choice.


Well this is a neck and neck poll!


AR12/AK12? Nah. If I ever drop that cash, I’ll drop for the AA-12.

AA-12 Available for Civilians


Yeah, but $3,000+ for the AA-12!
My shot gun budget is vastly smaller than yours Brother.


Oh yeah… I am also waiting on the IWI TS-12 hahhahhaha


I run a used Mossy 930 JM Pro. I don’t have a shotgun budget! :joy::joy::joy:


I really want one of those. I’m jealous!


Those are very cool. The only bull pup shot gun I have is the UTAS-15.


Great thread captain! Box Feed makes the shotgun relevant again!


To be honest, I haven’t had a chance to properly run it at a 3 gun match since I’ve been outside the country the past few years. But it’s a great shotgun for what little experience I have with it. I threw some goodies from OR3GUN at it when I was home last, and I’m putting an XS bigdot sight on it next time. I’m super excited to finally have it out some day. Still, it’s no Saiga or VEPR, so tube feeding is still the prime issue. 9+1 is cool, but slow to fill the whole tube.


They are a fast shooting and reliable shotgun. I like them myself.


I think I’m going to wait for the price to come down on the VR60, then get one for the fun Factor,
Mossy fan!


While I must say, I have never had an issues with my Benelli shotguns, I am a Mossberg fan… big time. Grew up with them and after working on everything for 30 years, still think it is one of the all time best weapons (shotgun) made and designed.
We will see once the IWI TS-12 comes out, but again, that’s a hybrid between a rotary tube magazine and an auto…
You can top off, change to different ammo, etc.
So time will tell.


The Vepr12 and the MKA1919 are two of the best I have ever owned. Both run GREAT in 3 gun and will run anything I put thru them. MKA1919 is best with a aluminum lower upgrade.(350 bucks) and both require full 922R to get into more than 5 round magazines… Waiting on my AA12 If Sol Invictus can get the all clear from the ATF.