AR15 buttstock thread


Whats your favorite AR15 stock

  • Magpul (specify model)
  • BCM Gunfighter
  • FAB Defense GL Core
  • MFT Minimalist
  • Daniel Defense
  • A1/A2 fixed stock
  • Standard m4 stock
  • Other

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A good stock not listed that I use is the MVB stock.


I’m a sucker for a fixed stock


I’m a big fan of the LUTH-AR fixed stock.


Have to say that as much as I like some of the features of an adjustable stock, the A-1 fixed stock is still my favorite.


Yep Nothing better for accurate shooting IMHO


Magpul, but only because that’s all I have experience with that wasn’t an M16 A1 stock.

Oh and you said butt. Yes, yes I went there and took the thread accordingly.


Magpul is good , its got electrolytes.


I thought it was a neat thread idea, dont be a party pooper. :rofl:


Hah, pooper…butt…I see what you did there.

Yes so far my workweek and my workday tonight suck.

But yes, this is a good topic.


The DD furniture is a really high quality. The over-molded rubber is comfortable and grippy, without being to sticky or aggressive. The give you a second, thicker butt pad in case you want a longer LOP as well. There are also multiple sling slots or a QD point built right in.


Magpul ACS to be specific.


I have 4 that are magpul, 3 prs, 1 ctr and 1 hogue.


Most of mine are Magpul but my new favorite is the SBA3, technically a pistol brace but it gives me the flexibility of going short on anything.


I only have experience with a Magpul adjustable stock. It’s a decent stock, but there are two minor things that bother me. One is that the metal plunger used to completely remove it is very stiff and hard to push down all the way. The other is that there are all kinds of little nooks and crannies for mud and dirt to get in. I tried to clean out those little areas as best I could, using toothpicks, q-tips and a small toothbrush, but can’t seem to reach in there. I’m wondering if one of those fixed A1/A2 stocks would remedy that if it ever gets a bunch of mud on it.


It would, I dont adjust my adjustable stocks when their dirty, so ive never had this issue. Get the A1 or the RRA stubby version of the A1 which is like an inch shorter or so. The A2 is too long ,imo, and i am 6’ with average length arms for my height.


RRA entry stubby stock


Thanks jf89. I don’t adjust mine that much, either. I just noticed how much mud got into all the little open spaces and nooks and crannies on my Magpul stock. Figured one of those smooth A1/A2 stocks would minimize that.

And thanks for the tip and link for the shorter A1/RRA stock. I’m also 6’ and thought the longer A2 might fit me better. I’ll consider the shorter one based on your experience.


It might be the right size for you then, what adjustment do you have your magpul stock on?


I think it was all the way back before I took it off to clean off all the mud.