AR15 charging handle thread


What charging handle do you prefer on your AR15s?

  • Standard Mil spec
  • BCM Gunfighter
  • Raptor
  • LWRC
  • Phase 5
  • Other
  • None, I mortar the bolt it to battery by slamming the buttstock on the ground

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(Training is thee absolute most important thing, not gear. So train first, gear second. Now that ive said that, lets discuss gear)


You come up with great threads.
While I love the LWRC… and run quite a few, I love the Radian also and run them more often than the LWRC.
I run LWRC because I am used to them. I run their weapons… but on many of my fun guns I run them too. :+1::+1:


I just like BCMs mod 4 latch, the raptor is interesting though and I despise the badger ind. one.


I don’t own any AR rifles but building them and working on them in general the BCM seems to me the most solid
The raptor is nice as well
But as I said I don’t use them regularly




I like my Fortis charging handles.


GREAT THREAD!! I’m looking to change out the basic milspec charging handle for an ambi one.

I’ll check these out and read you all’s replies. Cheers!


Probably should mention that slamming your rifle down on its buttstock to mortar the bolt into battery is in fact a bad idea.


Phase 5 is the most budget friendly out of this bunch, last time I checked.


Stock Colt one since 1980


MechArmor TacOps, built like a tank, super tough finish, very good fitment. I own 5 , some of each variant, and have never had an issue. They don’t wear near as much as the BCM or the Raptor I have.


I have the Geissele Airborn charging handle on one of my Ar’s. I like it other than it has a gloss finish that I really dont care for.


Does anyone make a billet or just a heavy weight steel charging handle??


I run the Geissele Airborne on my Daniel Defense. Ambi, low-pro, the wings/ears are tactile, and it has the anti-gas blowback seal.


DPMS and one other manufacturers made one I can’t remember who at the moment.
The real question is this: you use the charge lever once for your first magazine. If all goes well “ in a vacuum with out Murphy’s law” the rest of the time you should be hitting the bolt release.
I use to run the charge handle every time and noted more wear and lost time than using the design manual of arms that was intended. Food for thought anyhow.


Makes sense


I actually do just that and over use my CH. I definitely should be using my bolt release more. Lol bad habit to break though.


I’m a big fan of Ambi charging handles. They make things easier, doesn’t matter if you grab right, left, or both sides.


I love ambi charge handles myself and for the most part, that is all I will run on personal weapons.
Be careful out there though with sales or offers to good to be true… more and more really good Chinese knockoffs are showing up at my shop broken. While they look the same as name brand, they are not!


Yup. A quality ambi charging handle is expensive because there’s more moving parts. They are coming down in price, but those Chinese knockoffs fall apart super quickly.