AR15/M4 vs Steyr Aug

Oh man… :no_mouth:

  • AR15/m4
  • Steyr Aug

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Lone scrappy voted for the ar :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I thought he liked those Limey bullpups


Now look.


I do like the builpup. They do the same job & have the same length barrel in a more compact, more maneuverable package. Perfect vehicle weapon. All the weight is rearward . I have the Tavor, I haven’t much experience with the Aug. With the piston , chrome lined barrel & being built like a tank, I believe my bullpups would outlast several ar15’s. I misunderstood the poll.


I feel like its personal preference more than anything. Kind of hard to generalise with AR15s with all the aftermarket options, I mean mil spec is pretty shitty compared to the good stuff. Take for instance bolts and BCGs , LMT and LWRC are far superior to mil spec and FNs CHF machine gun barrels are better than the mil spec Colt barrels or the A5 reciever extension, it is better than the mil spec…mil spec is at best 90’s tech and not really a good example of anything. In terms of longetivity the high-end ARs would probably be at least on par, imo.

The real advantages are AR15s for mid/long range and Tavor for CQ stuff, I prefer both the CH and mag changes on the ARs though. The tavor does balance nicely though and it gets cool points for being an Israeli design.