Ar15 magazines and other forums


Here is a thread over on on a plastic magazine test. They compare various brands of polymer mags like Magpul, Troy, Tangodown, Tapco etc

AR-15 magazine stamps

Interesting info. I especially like how in the thread a few of the plastic magazines where cracking. The aluminum g.i. Mags had bent feed lips from being dropped, but the user never bent them back in to shape for function testing.


It’s barfcom what do you expect


The technical subforum has some legit people, General discussion is what made that place “”.


… no clue. Never been there. This is the first forum I have ever been to.


Its one of the biggest firearms forums out there, outside of a few subforums it has went to shit. The technical forum has some legit folks who build rifles for a living and are generally helpful though.


I agree to a point
There generally full of themselves over there imo


Same with the AKfiles and FALfiles to a point too. All forums have that issue, it dosnt change the fact that there are knowledgeable folks over there. The General discussion set up is retarded and what ruined it for me.


There just assholes on the files and they let it be known


They are full of themselves sometimes too but full of good info, i lurk over there alot. The technical forum on is the same way ,so is People from the firearms industry like BCMs owner, Noveske, etc chime in on ARF.coms technical discussions or used to, the idiots from the general discussion kind of chased them off somewhat by being c*nts. Or it was like that last I bothered going on there.

#11 is full of assholes that are full of themselves but generally has good info. Good for lurking but I cant stand to chit chat with them like I do you guys here.