Ar15 SBR and pistol reliability?

Are SBRs and pistols any less reliable then rifles with "16+ barrels? How much faster do they wear out?

It’s not a question of barrel wear, but more an issue of terminal effect on target. A pistol length AR is a retarded idea at best. 5.56 was designed to perform adequately aka do what it was designed to do (achieve enough muzzle velocity in order to reliably fragment) from a 20” or at the bare minimum 18” barrel. Anything under 18” shouldn’t even be taken into serious consideration.

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Except that using an 18" in close quarters sucks, its too long even an AR15 with a 16" barrel is significantly easier to use up close. When I say AR15 pistol, I mean SBR sized at around an 11" barrel not actual pistol sizes.

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The 16" length is good compromise between ballistics and compactness. If im going longer then that wouldnt it be better to skip the 18" and goto a "20 for the added volocity?

If you’re going to go SBR or pistol on the AR platform then I would suggest either a pistol caliber (9mm or 45ACP) or 300BO. As Minuteman pointed out, in 5.56 it really is a waste when it comes to ballistics.

As far as reliability goes, running the right buffer helps immensely and if you’re going to build then I suggest a adjustable gas block if you’re going to run it in 5.56. 300BO, not so much.

I dont disagree with you guys but im asking more about mechanical issues then ballistics.

Copy. Would you be interested in going the pup route? You’ll have the benefits of both proper ballistics and an overall compact platform.

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I have both, a registered 10.5 SBR and a 7.5 pistol, both are as reliable as my 16 to 20 inch rifles. My 10.5 shoots 2 moa or less at 100 yards and is not something you would want to get shot with. The 7.5 is more for fun and plinking and the bullets still throw a lot of dirt hitting the berm, would not want to take any hits from it either.

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Im really thinking about getting a PWS with an 11" barrel , I dont care for bull pups.

Bullpup is the best solution, 20" barrel CQB, in a hall way, in an auto, in the open…full ballistic performance from a rifle that is ergonomically similar to an SBR.

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I just dont care for the ergonomics of the bullpup, maybe I just need more time on one. Ive tried a AUG and a Tavor.

Understandable, but it is something that is a perfect solution if you can get used to the different handling of the platform.

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