AR15 - Troll bait


“AR15 is one of the most controllable firearms in the world”

and M4 preferred over SCAR17

no AR hating Troll can resist




I’m In!!!
Made by Mattel improved my Monogram
Round Bounces off a leaf
I already have a 22
Cant leave in the sun because it melts
Has a forward assist because IT NEEDS IT
Forced to carry pipe cleaners to clean the gas tube to keep it working
Armor plate to defeat a 5.56 = 1/4 inch Plexiglass
No decent terrorist would be caught alive using one. Only dead ones were found.
Dropped it off the table and bent the barrel
Effective kill range is 50 ft

Couldn’t resist folks…





After shooting a SCAR 17 DMR with a Zeiss optic on it… I can see why people don’t like it. I was very underwhelmed with performance. It was not consistent with grouping and not even close to MOA when it was, it was heavy, the reciprocating bolt got me (only once, you learn quick), and it was not even close to controllable on full auto (it took me for a ride, although I was probably unprepared). Give me that MK110 any day.


I’m still laughing at the AR being refereed to as the “Barbie Doll” rifle.

Some of you guys should be on Comedy Central. :rofl:
Thanks for the free show!!!



I would love to have that rifle…


Send an 80%er to


Hell he’ll have his own engraved by hand this time tomorrow