AR9 Mag Release

So I bought a cheap ar9 polymer 80 (not the company name) they sent a Mag release for Glock mags but no pin to install it. I have emailed the company but have received no response and have not been able to find one via google. The description says it is a 3/16 x 3/4 roll pin but that seems a bit to big not sure. Also if anybody knows for sure i assume it would need to be threaded so as to be able to remove the mag release if i ever needed am i right? this “practice” build has been a pain but i have been learning alot LOL thanks for any help!


I’m thinking 3/32 x 7/16 but I’m not sure .let me know if I’m right or wrong so I don’t lead others astray.


LOL will do! Tannerite is located here where i live and they have a really nice outfitter store, I called and they said they think they have what i need but the store is actually closed this week for some remodeling but will be open next week so i may be stuck until then


EP Armory? I drilled all the way through the bottom where the pin goes. The hole in the mag catch was larger than the pin hole. I used a roll pin that fit tight in the pin hole but allowed the mag catch to pivot freely and I can drive the pin out through the bottom if I ever need to remove it for some reason.