Archers, show your bows!


This is 1 of my crossbows. Excalibur Equinox. I use 150gr fixed blades. Excalibur 3-9 illuminated reticle. Very accurate. Laser & light mounted atop the scope. 225lb draw. Very good out to 60yds(as far as I have shot it) shoulder issues restrain me from using my old compound bows.


This past year I hunted with a Wing (Bob Lee) Red Wing Hunter, 1967/68 ish. 53# @ 28" and I draw a hair over 30#. The broadhead was a Mowoc Dot made in 1960.

My most treasured is a 1966 Browning Explorer 52#@28" in rosewood. It’s fast and silent.

And a couple more kicking around . . .


Very nice! 1st was an 70’s bear recurve


Mine was a 70’s Bear recurve, too! Wish I still had it. So far, all I have are recurves and longbows, but momentary bouts of target panic have kept me from enjoying them as often as I’d like.

I like the crossbow pictured in the first post and am tempted to get something like that to play with.


The 1 in my picture cost around $900. But they are solid! I have a compound crossbow also, but not as easy to perform maintenance and string replacement as the recurve.


It looks solid. Got goid reviews, too, but more than I’d be willing to pay for my first “starter” crossbow. And good point about the lower maintenance recurve crossbow. Good reason to consider one.


This weapon has taken more lives to date than any other in my arsenal and that’s a fact!


@Wildlife nice bow, beautiful buck!


I’ve had compounds and recurves, but no crossbows.
Now it’s only recurves.
Somehow it’s just more satisfying getting an accurate shot with a recurve.
No sights, just instinctive style.
Not as hard as it sounds.


Just got my bow back from the archery shop. New string & tuned for a new draw weight for my new arrows I’ll be using this season.

She’s now good to go and I’ll be shooting this far more than anything else in my arsenal over the next month in half until bow season opener. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great shooting there!