Are AR-15 Rifles a Public Safety Threat?

Are AR-15 Rifles a Public Safety Threat? Here’s What the Data Say

Is it true that the AR-15, a popular firearm owned by millions of Americans, is a unique threat to public safety?

Friday, January 11, 2019


silly question…lol


Yes they are, i’m scared to death of them.


Foolishness noted. The scumbag politicians are scared to death of them though. The peasants no longer have mere pitchforks. That’s the entire purpose of the 2nd A’. They just think they can legislate them, battle rifles, and our voice, out of existence. What morons to think that.

Jan 6th when the people counted coup showed them something and that’s why they call it an insurrection. They haven’t seen the real insurrection yet, but they haven’t come to their senses and I don’t think they’re capable of coming to their senses. I think the left are lunatics incapable of normal thought.