Are Ballistic Advantage barrels any good?


Anybody know anything about Ballistic Advantage? Is it crap or quality? Daniel Defense, Spikes, LBE and BCM don’t do 6.5 Grendel.

Keeping spares and keeping your rifle going long term

They make good stuff, Aero Precision uses their barrels.


Thinking about this -


I am not a precision shooter, @switchpod might know a little more on those specifics.
What I do know is they stand behind their products and their barrels are good quality.


They make good barrels. I like what faxon has to offer for this build you want. They have the option of 12”, 16”, 18”, and 20” offerings in both heavy (precision), and lightweight (accurate and run-n-gun) applications.

With Faxon you get 5R rifling and a nitride coated barrel. Two big advantages over the B.A. barrels.


They make good barrels. At least I have never had a bad one. I sell them through Aero Precision. I am also a Odin Works dealer… I was floored to find out 2 of their barrels were not concentric. Like… holy smokes.
Never had an issues with Ballistic Advantage


I do run a lot of Faxon barrels. For precision stuff we use a lot of McGowen barrels out of Montana.


@98Z has a Grendel in 12" and 18" with Ballistic Advantage barrels I believe. I shot the 18" about a month ago and it will hit 845 yards regularly.


I have checked their barrels for being concentric, and they are. A must for running suppressors. They clean nicely, I have had barrels where it seems they just never get clean because of metal quality…


I have that very barrel on my Mk12 Mod 1 build, and it is an excellent barrel. ETA: (Same barrel but unfluted.)


Damn it, I missed it! That was $242 yesterday, now its $285. The BCG was $68, now its $150. Looks like I’m going with the Faxon.


Aero Precision just announced that they are going to be taking over all sales of Ballistic Advantage barrels as of the 15th of this month. Announced today to the dealers.


I’ve got one of their 556 16" barrels. Shoots good. Not my most accurate but good enough to shoot coyotes