Are Iron sights important on defensive/fighting rifles?


Are iron sights important on a defensive/shtf/fighting etc etc type of rifle?
Seems less and less people are using them now of days.

  • Yes, you should be proficient with them.
  • No, Modern optics have made them obsolete
  • Only as back ups to an optic

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Irons always work optics fail


I shoot irons about 50% of the time, not so much because im worried about my optics failing but because I enjoy them more. They are losing popularity though, alot of people dont even know how to use them.


Very true
Irons are important
Most people depend on optics now
And couldn’t even zero there irons
Foolish choice imo


Most new rifles don’t even have iron sights anymore.


This is ludicrous to me
I guess progress is t always right


I at least use steel flip sights.


AK47/74 all come with iron sights.

A lot AR rifles don’t even come with them now.


Is that because it’s not a riveted trash can ?


Not the ones I purchased or build at least.




I understand the reasoning against it with etched reticle optics and such, but even so, I like having irons when I can. Seen some argue weight savings for a set of BUIS — pretty weak stuff imo…


The AR is modular. You can buy a fixed front sight that attaches to the rail.


Its not a riveted trash can, wherever did you get that idea? If anything its a sheet metal masterpiece :roll_eyes: lol


I agree, I dont get it.


Yes that is true, and I know.
Have you bought a vehicle with out a steering wheel? You need it to drive proficiently.

All I’m saying is if I manufactured ar15 on a large scale you can bet your bottom dollar they all would come with some sight or ocular device.


You buy them as a blank slate to build up to what you want. Thats the point in it being modular. Some of the better brands do offer sights though, ive bought a few that come with flip sights and alot still come with the FSP. You cant really compare the AR to any other similar platform like AKs or mini 14s because ARs outnumber them at probably a 10:1 ratio(edited) if not more. The market is so vast theres limitless options. Alot of companies have a list of options to build the rifle you want right on their sites. The parts are cheaper then just buying them seperatly.


I don’t think 100:1 is accurate at all, but I also don’t know the exact ratio. All I said was


Makes sense , I was just saying that alot of companies offer sights with their rifles and the market is so huge its hard to compare it to any other platform.


I dont think it is either , I meant to type 10:1and mostly used it for dramatic effect. I will dig up the numbers in a bit. My point was theres a huge difference is numbers, The AR is one of the, if not the most popular rifle in the most pro gun country in the world.