Are people getting dumber?


This isnt gun related but
I figured it was a good article.


How is this for an explanation:

Liberals tend to have more kids than conservatives. More liberals —> dumber society. Could help explain all the stupid anti-gun efforts (instead of truly attacking the real problems - people that should not have guns due to criminal intent, mentally deranged, etc.).


@jf89, are people getting dumber, yep!


Thats the movie I thought of when reading this.


Are people actually getting dumber in intellect or it just their education is weak.
Could be that the educational systems are more interested in promoting an agenda than education.


Thats weird, didnt the nazis do both pretty well?


Lol I use to help take care of of a ww2 vet and I remember him telling me that Nazi Germany had a solid educational system that was full of propoganda. I never looked into much though.


And yes Robert, Be best.


I dont know alot about Hitler or Nazi Germany outside of the basics. The vet I used to talk with about it had respect for the Germans though and didnt seem to think they lacked intelligence.


Trump is not Hitler though or more people would be dead. Although we are starting to look like the weimar republic.


Like I said I dont know much about Nazi Gsrmany or modern Germany for that matter.


I will read that tomorrow, looks interesting.



I am not sure what point you are trying to make, here.

I don’t care how many people Hitler killed directly. He certainly encouraged and/or promoted the death of millions of people. Hard to call him a good guy after doing that.


I dont know much about Nazi Germany, Hitler committed genocide so he obviously was not a good guy and the nazis in general did some pretty heinous stuff, its dosnt mean I wont read up about it. I am in no way saying I support nazi beliefs or believe nazi supporters.


He was a peice of shit. I read on book on Stalin I wonder if I will burn in hell for that?


As far as Dixie goes, I dont consider the conferates the bad guys and that war had alot more grey to it, dick.


Well looking at the northeast and libturd wonderlands, the South HAS finally won.


#2 History most certainly is not always accurate , and it is written by the victors.



Sorry, I should have been more expressive of my gratitude for all the wonderful things you have shared with me (and us all). Thank you!

However, I still don’t quite get what you are trying to say about Hitler.

Sure, I doubt that any person is bad in every way. But, Hitler’s misdeeds surely outweigh everything else he did in his life. And no, I don’t think we will know all the facts about him or Nazi Germany, ever. But, we certainly know enough to judge him and them the way we have.

Certain evils are universal, though they may not be touted as such. I think the 10 Commandments are a pretty good (not perfect) starting place for what could be considered evil (not following those commandments, that is).

Sure, there are some gray areas in life and depending on what side you come from, a certain event or philosophy might be considered good, or evil. But, that only helps us understand the other side a little better to know that they may have a different way of looking at things. It generally does not change our philosophy or direction in life. Just think about all the (misguided!) anti-gunners. There isn’t an argument or thought that they can share with us that will change our opinion of guns. And, unfortunately, we likely can’t change many of their minds about guns, either.