are these current state gun regulations actually racist and sexist?

Suzanna Gratia Hupp said that we must always refer to the other side, the ones against our right to self defense, as “Radical, Extremist, Discriminatory at Best and Racist at Worst”. They are radical in wanting to flush over 200 years of Constitutional government down the drain. They are extremist in wanting to take everyone’s right to self defense away. As for being discriminatory and racist, Suzanna said with all the fees and training required in Texas, it costs about $500 to get a CWP and a gun to carry. She said this was discriminatory at best and rascist at worst because these costs kept the poor, women and minorities from being able to defend themselves.…02November.pdf

every adult in this country has either been the victim of personal crime or knows someone who has.
– Suzanna Gratia Hupp

the taxation of ammo now places a burden on the low income ( vast majority women and with out sounding racist but also non-white).
A lot of these bills being presented actually impose restrictions on the ones that cannot afford the right.


As I recall, North Carolina (and I think one or two other states) has a state law that requires obtaining a one time use permit to purchase a handgun. To obtain the permit, a person has to go to the local sheriff, so that the sheriff ‘can determine if the person is of suitable character to own a handgun’. When that law was passed, it was fairly clear that the intent was to allow the sheriff to see what the color of the person’s skin was, before allowing them to buy a handgun.

Now, that law is mainly just a revenue generator for the sheriff’s departments, since they are allowed to collect a fee for issuing the permits.


We had the same thing in Missouri . But repealed it when we got concealed carry passed . Most sheriffs I know of then destroyed the records .