Are these gun charges justified?

One was accused of just having access to guns of his fathers and having large capacity mags.

One had a .22 :joy: and claimed he wanted to make a 3 mile shot… with a .22 :joy: :rofl:
His threats were obviously a teenage mistake


The first guy was only charged with having the large capacity magazines, which are apparently illegal where he lives, so yes. He would have never got caught if he hadn’t flapped his gums on FaceBook though.

The second guy is being held without bond, but it doesn’t say what he was charged with or whether he was charged - I assume so or they couldn’t be holding him. Therefore, I cannot form an opinion as there is insufficient information.

The third guy has not been charged with any gun crimes, only the aggravated menacing and harassment, so yes, his charges are justified.


One of them was literally turned in by his ex-stating that he had once sent here a text stating that “100 kills would be nice”
Red Flag laws out of control anyone?
(not defending ANY of these young men if they are nuts btw just the nature of laws where your ex can just claim something and you are jailed)


I’ll defend them, they didn’t do anything. They list high capacity mags and body armor as if it were 1 million dollars worth of crack. The guy turned in by his ex had a .22… just a .22


The second guy apparently lied to the cops by claiming he didn’t own any guns, before they found the .22 at his place. I’ve heard of some places having a charge for making a false statement to police.

I did some searching for information on the third guy, because I was trying to figure out what his guns were. A couple of articles mentioned that he had two AR-15s (only a few magazines for the two rifles, though). One article said he had a rifle with a bayonet, and a “.40 caliber anti-tank gun”. :crazy_face:

From the pictures, it looks like two generic AR-15s, one old surplus bolt action (the rifle with the bayonet), and if I’m not mistaken, a GSG replica of an MP40.

And he had “dozens” of rounds of ammo, along with a gas mask (apparently with no filter cartridge for it).

They are digging for anything they can use for shock value, to scare people and drum up support for more gun control (bans to keep people from having this scary stuff, and red flag laws so these mass shootings can be stopped), but the incidents are proving that police already have laws they can use, when somebody reports something. Past mass shootings tend to be cases of either nobody reported what they knew (Dayton), or police just didn’t do anything about what was reported to them (Parkland).


“They are digging for anything they can use for shock value, to scare people and drum up support for more gun control”

LSM propaganda 24/7.
Worked like a charm for hitler.
Working like a charm here now with a country that’s more than 1/2 rat assholes


I’m not a betting man but if I were I’d say mag cap was commie central CONnecticut, the other was Commiefornica:
Didn’t realize it was a link under it. EWWWWWW I HATE Communist News Network (CNN).
Well I was right about CONnecticut.


These three fellows or dolts which-ever, seem to be following a carefully crafted plan, NOT, It seems more as if they were from Central Casting for a part in “Big Brother”